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The Wiener Puts on its own condiments---Or Beware of the Living Food (Dec 2007)

A blog inspired by a  picture comment a friend made this week  (also because i have taken enough silly pictures to blog about something like this)
Question can the Human Population and the Living --breathing walking and Talking Food  Population really get along?????
To answer this question let's first take a quick look at the History of the  Living Food  Creatures.   Born of the Atomic age  as a result of  all that Nuclear testing that created such menaces as Godzilla  --The Living Food Creatures came into being.  For awhile they tried to hide in the shadows --but slowly they tried to make their way in Human Society.
Their  History is a disturbing  one.   Some tried to go into the Entertainment industry.   As seen here in the  Cult  singing   Group   Kitchen Caberat  that once performed at Epcot.  (web photo)
(Web photo)
They sang about eating healthy  --- But the group had a much darker  self loathing.  The Cult group was actually  the beginning of  a cult  among the Living Food Population  of  self sacrificing - self hating  Food that urged the people to eat them.  They all sacrificed themselves one evening after a performance when introduced to a Mr Creosote
(web photo)
This section of self hating foods  still exists in society today as seen in this picture taking recently by myself of  2 such  Food Cultists  --
A friend of mine made this observation concerning this  Food Creatures
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kitty] cat [this love, this heart] 

November 28, 2007 9:25 PM 
i've always found these guys really disturbing. the hot dog is making himself more delicious so he can be eaten by applying ketchup to look like a head wound, and the french fry guy is eating part of his own brain and winking as if to say how we should eat him. maybe they have accepted their fate that they will die by human consumption and are just trying to quicken the process, y'know, so no surprises. "just eat us and get it over with. no games." but i can only assume there aren't too many normal sized human takers for large-sized, living food products. i guess that's why they've sped up the process--death by consumption is better by death by spoilage. that's like a fungus that eats your flesh alive. *shudder*
And while many in the Food Creature community have gone the route of the Food Cultist.   Others  took a different approach.   In the 80's some Food Creatures  lead by the Hot Dog   or  "Wieners"  as some like to call them decided to fight back as seen in the Video Game (based on a true story)  Burgertime the game depicts the uprising that occured in kitchens across America as the "Wiener" lead rebellion  --with the help of Eggs and Lettuce tried to kill many chefs.  (web photo)
The chefs  were quoted as saying   "I was just trying to make hamburgers when they attacked me--all I could do was throw peeper at them"
Here is a video recreation of the attack
(web photo)
Luckily the rebellion was quelled and the Living Food Creatures  again  fell under  the control  of their  human overlords -But for how long.???
Can this unstable Food Creatures be trusted ??  Are they planing something else???   Or have they accepted their fate???
You decide ---but first look at this evidence..
The "Wieners"  seem to be back in power in the Food Community again and have been openly seen hanging out with people in authority.
I've even seen evidence of attempts at cross breeding with Humans.  Look  at this Wiener Man
So  you decided  do we need to arm ourselves???   Can we coexist??
(web photo)

This Award wiener of the week  -has been brought to you by the Great Tiki

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