Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scary Movie 4 2006 4 out of 10

Scary Movie 4 2006      4

This Horror movie spoof just fell flat for me----(the Airplane style humor--either hits or misses and this was a miss)  most of the jokes just fell flat.   The problem with this series is that they are no longer doing spoofs because they have a funny idea --but rather  just forcing it so that can churn out the next movie because the last one made money.  It felt like a bunch of random scenes that they tried to piece together into a film.    Airplane (the best  of this type of humor -that started with Kentucky Fried Movie)   had a concept of parodying the Airport disaster films and having fun in that universe----Scary Movie 4  is just  sloppily taped together ---"let's have a scene from War of the Worlds--and Oprah--and The Village--and Saw"    Rather then this bland --laugh less comedy--- Buy Police Squad --the short lived Tv series due out in a few months that was the precursor to the Naked Gun films.

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