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Incredible Hulk 2008 8 out of 10

Incredible Hulk  2008   8 out of 10

I know many say that Avengers was the first time that they got the Hulk right, but I actually enjoyed  this Incredible Hulk film.  I thought Ed Norton did a good job as Bruce Banner and the digital alter ego that he wants to rid himself of.   The plot had a Fugitive feel to it, instead of searching for the one armed man while being while being chased by the law,  Bruce Banner is seeking a cure for the monster inside of him while being pursued by the government.  This film was a  vast improvement over the terrible  2003 Ang Lee Hulk movie    (3 out of 10)  that was felt  some weird  Japanese environmentalist tone poem.  The first film had been so bad that instead of a sequel it was completely rebooted.     This Hulk had a satisfying villain  as played by  Tim Roth  and fun  Superman style CGI battle at the end of the film.   A solid entry in the movies that link the Avengers characters together.    

Dark Shadows 2012 4 out of 10

Dark Shadows    2012   4 out of 10
Dark Shadows is probably the most disappointed I've been with a Tim Burton movie.  All Tim Burton movies look great--and so I make it a point to see all that he creates and his teaming up with Johnny Depp is usually a good thing.   Dark Shadows for me was a misfire.   It was a movie version of the quirky weird  Vampire soap opera  TV show that both Burton and Depp grew up on.  Basically a vanity project of shared passion for this old TV show.   I've never seen the original show --but it sounded like it would make another fun Tim Burton film.   Instead it turned out to be a very dull  great looking Burton film.  There were moments here and there (mostly all in the trailer) that had some entertaining lines by Depp as the returning Vampire head of the Collins clan...but the less than interesting story line about the his rebuilding the family business and battle between him and the witch that cursed him was uninspired.    There was a decent battle  between the characters at the end of the  film that was okay....but other than that it was just odd for the sake of being odd and I expect more from both Burton and Depp.

Why I hated the Star Trek Movie blog (Spoilers in this rant)

You don't just glue a horn on a white horse and make a unicorn......

I had low expectations going in was  Mother's  Day and my mom is a Star Trek fan so I took her out to see the new movie that everybody seems to love--

I personally thought it was  a complete bastardization of the original trek (which is still the best)
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I have no complaints with the cast of the new film
 I liked the cast (with the exception of the REIMAGINED Kirk) Bones was especially good...

It was The plot  that I thought was just weak and had holes you could drive a truck through......I know they were trying desperately to make Star Trek hip and grab it from the hands of their dwindling nerd fan base......But what was killing Star Trek wasn't Trek itself---it was pumping out one poorly written movie after another.....Somehow Trek was surviving despite bad movies......

After I pointed out my disdain for the  movie on a friends facebook status ----He pointed out that it was a reimaginging  of Trek.  And yes it was to a certain extent.......A REBOOT If you want to call it that..  But it really wasn't....The makers of the movie chickened out of actually doing a complete Reboot....and instead included Spock Time traveling....  fro
m the original Star Trek universe ....It was an alternate universe.....that frankly sucks....and was a completely unoriginal concept compared to some of the Battlestar Gallactica quality social issues and Sci-Fi that the original Campy series tackled........Time Travel seriously ---That is all they could come up ... with....Time Travel.....They have only used that in about half of the crappy Star Trek flicks.......alternate  universes  ----I didn't know I was watching Stargate  or Sliders  or have a dozen Next Generation episodes that already covered that ground...
They should be able to come up with something more original then Time Travel......The original Series did ..The Original series despite its cheap sets and monsters was actually Relevant and had good quality Sci-Fi writers and story lines......Now all we get is Baby Kirk with missing his daddy issues and  Spock being bullied as a child.....Now all we get is boring retread ideas and concepts  and Star Trek  Death Star Planet killing machines taking out plants like Alderan  ...Come on--give me some new and original

Let's just leap through the completely unoriginal Time Travel concept once again we haven't done that before

 I haven't left a Trek movie this ticked off since the Star Trek III the Search for Spock......"My dad tells me that we...  were friends" indeed.......Tell the stupid Trek writers to start writing Sci-Fi like some of their good episodes and to stop being lazy and doing F---ing Time Travel flicks....This isn't called F---- Time Trek....Lazy bastards......Any 2 episodes of original Trek and or any Next Generation episodes with Q are better than this lame REBOOT....I'd like to Reboot JJ Abrams in the face.....This movie made me want to stop watching LOST as well....If this is his Trek movie than the LOST finale is probably going to be as Bad as Chris Carter's X-Files cock up ending

It was like watching some body's lame alternate universe Fan fiction bullshit come to life.....I'm far from a Trekie ---but if it pissed me off this much some of those basement dwelling Star Trek pajama wearing geeks with the taped on ears must be crying and wetting themselves over this crap

I don't want to see 150 million dollars worth of fan fiction....I'd rather watch Galaxy Quest than this unoriginal premise......F----ing Trek Death Stars blowing up planets.
The script was just a mix of bad time travel, Alternate universes,,Homages to other Trek movies and Star Wars....There was absolutely  nothing new or original about itPhotobucket
As I sit on the bridge Kirk must be rolling around in his grave on that lame Nexus planet  from another crappy Trek movie Generations   (that had Time Travel elements) Where he died so weakly fighting Malcolm Macdowell and falling on the rocks.....Oh Wait that Trek move sucked too....I'm actually missing the Borg..Photobucket
Hey Time Travel and alternate universes that hasn't been done before NOT............Renegade  Romulans  that is something fresh and new NOT...... 

Where is a good Gorn throwing fake rocks when you need him ???

If they just wanted to do a new cast so be it but don't bring back original Spock and try to explain it as a Time Travel Alternate universe.... ---Just reboot it --don't try to have it both ways
Movie Flaw:  The  original Spock came from the original time line where things had happened differently.....He wouldn't have known Kirk would end up on Hoth (i mean the Ice Planet) --because in his time line that hadn't happened......Just a flaw in the writing similar to some of the flawed time travel writing that made the end of Generations so lame....Then (Obi Wan)  I mean Spock sends Kirk off on his own.

So basically there is Wrath of Khan and the movie with the Borg  (First Contact)  that were good the rest of the Trek films NOT SO MUCH  --and don't give the one with the Whale Bullshit....
I'd rather watch any 2 random episodes of The New Battlestar or the original series then this Trek movie ever again...

Nero I know Khan and you sir are no Khan.
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"He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him! I'll chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round Perdition's flames before I give him up! "

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