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Comic Con Day 1 "Talk to the snake’ to hell with the plan

Comic Con Day 1 "Talk to the snake’ to hell with the plan

Comic Con Day 1 (To hell with the plan)
This is only the 2nd year I've gone down to Nerdfest (I mean Comic Con) --Last year was a blast—but was also overwhelming….So this year with the Dunn brothers along for the ride –we decided to give ourselves 2 days to take in all that there is to take in….I carefully planned all the things I wanted to see (knowing full well that with 4 people -I would if I was lucky get to see maybe 15% of the things on my to see list)
And that average was about right…
I was deciding whether I should dress up with cheesy home made costume
Here is what double chinned Asshole with a snake man would look like
Or  I could have done alternate  universe Indy and just thrown on my Indy hat and worn the snake around my neck....  The world where Indy isn't afraid of snakes.....    But  i decided against it..

The trip down Danny choose to drive (so he could control everything in the car including the (air) radio etc……Car Nazi….
The beginning of the trip was slowed down when we teased Danny for an incomplete Shave job by saying he had a reverse side burn behind his ear (A Hitler behind the ear mustache –I will not show the picture because we pissed him off so much that he drove back home to shave—so it wouldn't be fair to show the picture since he made the effort to fix it.) Well this set the immature tone for the drive down that included Eric's Sweatshirt trick
and my Talking rubber snake parody of Triumph the insult dog---calling out to other nerds from the car while waiting to park –and pretending that I was being attacked by the snake to amuse other cars ….. "Hey talk to the snake"
Here is my Nerd Posse heading to the Convention center   (Hey King of the nerds with the backpack)
Here is the list of things I wrote down to try and see that I didn't get to for one reason or another
  1. Slave Leia photoshoot
  2. Industrial Light & Magic and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull panel
  3. Joss Whedon— Joss Whedon Dr Horrible's Sing a long blog and Buffy panel
  4. Family Guy Panel with news on The Cleveland Show spin-off
  5. Venture Bros Panel
  6. Robot Chicken Panel
  7. Mandolorian Wedding of a myspace friend

Oh Well
We started the day out having to satisfy END's Aries need of the day which was to leave and eat almost right after we got there….
But we were able to cover a few rows of the massive building.
"Busting makes me feel good"
Star Wars at Comic Con ---(who would have guessed)
Elvis Trooper of course
Attack of the shows  Gorgeous Oliva Munn
The wonder twins 

So we stopped and had lunch at Dick's Last Resort
Wonder Woman Bartending
Pink Hotties that gave us temp tattoos
Eric's Photo Op of the day

Back at the Con -----A Scooby Don't "Roo kay"
Bob's Big Boy is in the house
Dr Venture and  Dr . Girlfriend

"Who are you going to call" This guys apparently
I'm Talking about willis"
Slave Leia Time

Random shoots

Oh nerds !!!!! (Yeah I know---Kettle calling pot black)
Booth was going insane over Nathan Fillon and Doogie Howser from Dr. Horrible's Sing along blog
Got in to a panel for the Clone Wars

4:00-5:00 The Saga Continues: Star Wars 2008— For Star Warsfans it's a stellar year, with the new Clone Wars movie on its way next month and great new Star Wars games from LucasArts to follow shortly. Lucasfilm's Steve Sansweet will welcome Dave Filoni (director), Catherine Winder (producer), Henry Gilroy (co-writer), and Jason Tucker (editor) to talk about George Lucas' ground-breaking new, fully animated movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in theaters August 15. There's news for video game fans too, on The Force Unleashedand The Clone Wars. Prepare for exciting, exclusive previews of the movie and the games too!
The clips were awesome can't wait for Star wars Weekly bliss….

Then stayed for this panel as well (description from guide)
5:15-6:15 Entertainment Weekly's The Visionaries: Filmmakers— Kevin Smith (Zack and Miri Make a Porno), Frank Miller (The Spirit), Zack Snyder (Watchmen), and Judd Apatow (Knocked Up) are the filmmakers who are redefining what it means to have power in Hollywood. Because their power is derived from delivering high-profile entertainment to a hungry mainstream audience and from cultivating a rabid, pseudo-religious fan following. Listen as they engage in a free-wheeling conversation on the movie business, their upcoming projects, and what it means—to them—to be a geek.
Kevin Smith was funny as expected
Zach Snyder of 300 Fame ---could barely string a coherent sentence together and Kevin burned him with the too true comment "Dude it is a good thing you have such good visuals"

Kevin spent the rest of the panel trying to kiss Snyder's ass telling how great he was to make up for the sizzling accurate burn.
The rest of the day any thing said that didn't make sense was considered a Snyder….
What the hell is this????  Mexican Donut man

We left around 6:30 after having a sub standard dinner here for watered down drinks and cold food
We headed to check into our room  --which was just the beginning of the night of fun for me......

Coming up next   Comic Strip   Night time of fun   followed by Day  2

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