Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hercules 2014 6 out of 10 Taking the Myth out of Mythology

Hercules 2014  6 out of 10

I was looking forward to Hercules.   Dwayne the Rock Johnson is one of the few legitimate action stars today and his casting as Hercules was a role he was meant to play, unfortunately this was not the Hercules we were looking for.  They basically took the Mythology out of Hercules and tried to play it straight without the mythical elements that make Hercules so legendary.  I felt the advertising for this film was misleading in regarding that and the film suffered from misleading me into thinking I was getting a different film.  They took would could have been an epic story and instead made a much smaller, less inspired and more predictable movie.   It was really a waste of the Rock's talents as well as Rufus Sewell (Dark City) and Ian Mcshane (Deadwood).    Hercules and his crew of misfits from "many previous adventures" get hired to protect a city from terrible invaders in exchange for gold.  They even have a dull "Let's train the farmers how to fight segment".

Hercules teaching the citizens of El Poco (Three Amigos) to sew like the wind is not really the type of epic adventure we would expect from Hercules.  I was hoping for a modern day Jason and the Argonauts with major special effects.  Instead they gave us a story where Hercules legends are just that "Legends".    The story has a predictable twist  (SPOILER)

 It turns out that Hercules was played for a fool and was fighting for the wrong side all along.  He then decides to make things right.   One of his crew pulls a Han Solo and is happy to take his reward and leave and basically even gives the same speech about it being a suicide mission that Han gives Luke in Star Wars.  The rest of Hercules band wanders straight into a trap and should have been killed except for the infamous James Bond villian moment where they tell them their plan and then set them up for a slow death.   If this was Game of Thrones Hercules head would already be on a pike outside the city.   Of course Hercules buddy that pulled a Han shows up at just the right moment and rips of another line from Star Wars---and Hercules finally has to show some of his legendary strength to save the day.

The only redeeming thing about the movie was that some of the action sequences were decent --despite lackluster plot.

My Advice ----It is worth a rental if you are looking for a little action--just don't get your hopes up for an epic film.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Star Wars Celebration Photo Blog: Part 3 Things you may see at a Star Wars Convention

Dress up like a character from Star Trek at a Star Wars Convention and you may end up in prison.

"It's a major award!"

Oscar has turned this R2 unit into his home

"It's a trap"

Did you know that Obi Wan used to make extra money while looking over Luke on that desert planet --by selling used Landspeeders

Spud Jedi


The EU is alive and well with this character from the X-Wing books

Man Leia forgot his bikini top

They let the Wookie Win

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Star Wars Celebration Photo Blog: Part 2 Are These the Droids you were looking for?

My Wife told me that we needed some help around the house --so I went in search of a good Droid at the Star Wars Celebration.

The Inspectator Gadget of Droids


 This Jedi was in the market for a Droid as well

This Droid has a little too much attitude.

This Droid just didn't seem to have the capabilities we needed.

Never buy from a Jawa

I think I found it.  This stylish Droid could serve us drinks in the backyard.   I just hope he does have a bad motivator

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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Star Wars Celebration Photo Blog: Part 1 Troopers Storm Anaheim

Star Wars Celebration hit Anaheim this past weekend.  It was my first Celebration since the one that was in LA back in 2007 and it was a blast.   Especially with the new movies on the horizon.

Here is a little photo blog that features many of the Trooper costumes and Cosplay from Saturday and Sunday.  

Dressed like gentleman.

This is not the Trooper you are looking for.

"Initiative comes to thems that wait."

Costume display

Jacob in front of his favorite Trooper from Clone Wars

Unlucky Rebel

 KISS Trooper

Some Colorful Female Troopers

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