Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Swamp Shark 2011 4 out of 10 (Shark Research continues)

The poster has the most evil looking shark of all time...

Swamp Shark is another SYFY Channel gem   (NOT)...
I've seen just about every Shark movie out there....Good ...Bad....Really bad...Terrible and So Bad that it is good.....This just falls right in boring middle of bad shark Movies.....Typical Shark movie plot----but this time lets have some Super Shark fall off a truck and into the Swamp......(What a twist!)   From there the rest of the movie is standard shark film....    A shark starts eating up all the tourists .. in Gatorland....or Gatorville or whatever hick Gator town it is supposed to take place in......The best part of the movie is  Kristy Swanson's Cleavage---other than that it is basically just the same old boring shark stuff.......Wait for it --here comes the infamous  Jaws Scenario....   Where they run to the sheriff pleading him to shut down whatever the local festival is and they are ignored....We can't close the festival..that would take all of the victims out of the water...  Robert Davi  (evil as usual)  and D.B . Sweeny also star in this dull shark flick

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