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Comic con Day 2 (Revenge of the Nerds (July 2008)

Day 2  Started off with  a nice breakfast at  a Hotel in Downtown  ---which apparently was the hotel of choice for the Dr Horrible cast  --since we saw  actress  Felicia  Day  there   and  Neil Patrick Harris having breakfast there as well.

After our fancy  satisfying breakfast  we entered the chaos and lost Danny almost immediately somewhere near the  Warner Brothers booth--As  nerds fought over  Star Trek Posters at the Paramount booth
We made our way through the mess and hung out with a Sleestack
Some  blurry  Venture Brothers  henchmen
This is the most ridiculous  Wheel Chair ever----This guy was ready for the end of the world with the gear he had---as he took a picture of

This spear weilding girl

Devil Girl  holding   Dark  Trooper's lightsaber
'Damn  Fracking Toasters"
Tiki Time at Comic con
The Joker  had a big presence  at the Con this year
Another Panel I missed   The Office   (shank)
Girls  holding a Pole 
Even  Devil Girl  needs to make a phone call
"Oh  I need that"   --Fortune and Glory
Danny  pranking Ironman

And then getting shanked by a lightsaber

Clone Wars  Indy Car   --Damn that is sweet
Saw Dennis Miller there ---actually heard him first  saying  "now that's an inaction figure"


"Where are we going to go for lunch?"     -----"THAT PLACE"

The Dunn Boys
The Tilted  Kilt   --right near Pet Co park... Amazing ESPN Zone meets a classier Hooters...Good food and fun pub environment

With cool Posters Like  Fawlty Towers

I was mesmerized  by one Waitress  (Since I figured a marriage proposal was out of the question before even knowing her name  I got the myspace photo op instead)  Oh  Darcy!!!!
After missing the Panel we wanted to see the most--Because Eric's Watch stopped at 12pm for several hours....(oh Battlestar Panel hosted by Kevin Smith -- we missed you)   Also missed Joss Whedon  Dollhouse Panel for upcoming series as well.

We did get into 2nd half of Pixar Panel which discussed upcoming film UP  --Here is Pete Doctor director discussing..

It looked ok  Story of an old man traveling on a journey in his house attached to balloons...   Yeah  whatever---but it is Pixar  --they haven't made a bad film yet..   Mr Incredible had a question
Then  Stuck around for Universal Panel
Tue, Jul 15, 11:09AM 3:45-5:15 Universal: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Death Race Universal Pictures presents key cast members, filmmakers, and previously unseen footage from its upcoming slate, including Summer 2008's The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Death Race. Additionally, the studio will showcase talent and materials from 2009 films such as Land of the Lost and Drag Me to Hell.
Here are pictures of  an Encino Man looking Brendon Frasier  from the Mummy   ----Which looks good --but very over the top as we  saw a clip that inculded Yetis  --all  Wookie  style
The Sexy   Maria Bello
I was a little Disappointed with clips from Death Race --since they seemed to have taken out everything cool about the original --including the running over innocent bystanders for points and giving the drivers another person in the car...Whatever--Jason Statham  rocks

Then a pleasant   surprise  --Sam Raimi  has a new horror movie --going back to his Evil Dead Roots----
The trailer  was just blah....Whatever horror movie.. "Drag me to hell"    but then they showed a clip -----Awesome  Evil Dead style  craziness Can't wait  -but Universal needs to repackage the trailer or True Raimi fans will not know what they are missing.

The Beautiful  Alison  Lohman
Then  there was this Land of the LOST sneak trailer  with clips starring Will Ferrell  and a Ferrell less panel
After the panels we took one last tour of the Comic con  floor

I love  Stormtroopers just roaming the Con Solo
"Go Joe"   --i mean  Cobra

Cool Bathroom sign
More Battlestar


A missed photo Op  -but line was to long to stand in front of the Stargate
More Randomness
"Hold on  that explains  everything   the Dharma Initiative  is run by the aliens from V"

More Evil

F---ing  Robots   "Screw you Bender"

Bye  Bye Comic  Con-----

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