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A Clockwork Orange 1971 Review and screening 7 out of 10 (Jan 2009)

A Clockwork Orange  1971   7
Sex—Violence and Beethoven---   the  last time I saw  this movie was over 17 years ago and at the time I couldn't  get through it -----it is refreshing to watch something again with a different perspective.  I enjoyed it much more this time.  The juxtaposition  of the Ultra –violent rape and  beating  --set to classical music and Singing in the Rain is very entertaining and disturbing at the same time.   Best line----Wife  "There is a young man here.  He says there has been an accident –he wants to use the Telephone?  "Man "Well I suppose you'd better let him in"  ---worst decision ever!!!   As he is  then  beaten and his wife raped.There are some really great visual images in the movie  like the Milk bar scene ---but for me the third act of the movie still dragged a bit

END and I  headed down to the renovated Art Theatre in the LB for a midnight screening of A Clockwork Orange…..A Good flick but I have  always felt a bit like Big Thunder ---the third act  “NOT SO MUCH”....
.. ..
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The Wine Bar OPEN   --“Not so much”  across and next to movie Theatre

Some Drogs ready for a bit of the old ultra violence....
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