Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Recall seeing this movie a before.........A remake

I'm conflicted......Total Recall with Arnold is one of my top 25 movies of all-time.
A Phillip K Dick adapted sci-fi story as a kick ass action movie at the height of Arnold's career.

It was so good, not only because of the story and the action and the three boobed mutants....but also because Sharon Stone was a hottie at the time and Arnold was just an action movie beast.
Classic Arnold lines---like  "Screw you Benny"  and "Consider that a Divorce" delivered in half English like only Arnold can deliver them.  A 10 out of 10.  So seeing a new Total Recall come out is weird.....Why are they messing with a classic action film.??  Sure it a a good thing for fans of 3 boobed hookers.  The new Total Recall looks like a scene for scene remake of the old film.  Even the trailers show the same scenes..   Special effects have evolved since the original so it will probably look great.  I'm curious to see how they do it....but maybe not enough to get me to see it in the theater.
For one thing they aren't even getting their ass to Mars this time around.....and Colin Farell is just no Arnold.
If the Rock was in it I would be lined up right now to see it.....I just don't know if I can like a Colin Farell version of a movie that is already a 10 out of 10 for me.

Quote from my friend Scott....."Why are they remaking Total Recall?" 
I have a feeling the box office results are going to say the same thing.

Here are the trailers ...

 I  think I will wait for DVD and just watch the original this week if I need my Total Recall fix