Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extract 2009 5 out of 10

Extract 2009   5 out of 10

First of all let me say that I'm glad to see Jasson Bateman getting starring roles.   He has several starring roles coming soon this summer after basically being the best buddy in scores of films since his early days on Silver Spoons.....That being said this  Mike Judge (Office Space)  film  (which must have gone direct to DVD since I don't remember it every being in the theaters wasn't the best of movies.   It started out really promising with Jason's character racing home to get home before 8pm which is when his wife puts on her  NO SEX for you pants that inspired a Facebook Status update I posted  about said  NO SEX for you pants.    If the whole movie had been to the level of this scene where he is minutes away and is stuck talking to his annoying neighbor played by   David  Koechner it would have been great.. But despite Jason Bateman being good as usual in this flick the plot kind of ended up going nowhere  and ended with a thud.  Sure the joke about hiring a dumb  Gigolo to seduce his wife  (a waste of a role for the talented Kristen Wiig).  But Mila Kunis was completely wasted in this flick and her characters storyline just a dud.    Ben Affleck was in this flick and I still can't figure out why.....So basically a lot of potential was wasted on a plot that went nowhere.

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