Friday, June 17, 2011

Pet Peeves –Words on DVD covers that have lost all meaning

This is  my  "Hilarious and unrated take"   --Sarcasm

The word Hilarious should be retired it no longer has any meaning what so ever.   --Have you rented a comedy in the past  5 years that didn't claim to be hilarious.  Or tell you to watch - the Hilarious outakes!     Not everything is hilarious---- but every single movie that claims to be a comedy is supposedly  Hilarious!   I guess it wouldn't help movie studios to put mildly amusing outtakes!  Somewhat pointless and not amusing in the least bit deleted scenes.   Or this movie is dull and boring!   So instead everything is hilarious!
I'm love  DVD featurettes  -having majored in Film in Television –before somehow ending up in accounting  --I can sit there and watch hours of behind the scenes features on the making of movies like Pirates of the Caribbean 2.  It just is really starting to bug me how devalued  certain words are.   American Dreamz 2006  American Idol –supposed comedy movie ---claims to be Outrageously funny!   And is neither funny nor outrageous –unless you consider it outrageously funny that they didn't even bother to write an single funny scene into the movie—and I'm sure that they probably had some Hilarious outtakes as well.   The only barely entertaining  Scary Movie 4  is so bold as to claim over 2 hours  of Hilarious   Bloopers , outtakes , Deleted scenes and more.    The movie wasn't even that funny –If the movie wasn't funny  --really how fucking hilarious can 2 hours of stuff not worthy of making it into the movie be.
Joe Dirt claims  that his misguided search takes him from one hilarious misadventure to another  Really hilarious! 

The other word the needs to be retired is Unrated!   --I just got finished watching the Unrated Version of Talledega Nights and didn't see a single scene that even warranted another past a PG-13 rating.   Unrated –used to mean that you were seeing something that most likely had to be cut to get an R rating.   Now studios just use the term unrated for no particular reason at all.   Really how unrated are they not at all.  Maybe a PG  movie becomes a PG-13   or a PG-13  is now considered an R ---Or sometimes like in the Movie Spawn –you can't even point to a single thing that made the unrated version any different from the rated version.     

These words just no longer mean anything.   What is next the Unrated versions  Garfield 3: Fat and Hungry  --with minutes of  Hilarious  Bloopers.

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