Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just My Luck 2006 6 out of 10

Just My Luck 2006   6 out of 10

Lindsey Lohan  stars in this romantic comedy --where she goes from being lucky all the time---to losing her luck after kissing  and unlucky guy at masquerade party.    ( Lindsey ---despite all her off screen drama and gossip column trama --she still shines and sparkles on the screen---Damn  she looked cute in this flick)   -Anyway the movie was your typical cute romantic comedy---  Had several quality comedic scenes such as when she runs around all over New York kisses dancers that had worked at the party   (Cinderalla style looking for the foot to fit the glass slipper) hoping to break her bad luck.   You have to love the  "i can't  tell its you because you had a mask barely covering your eyes "   Hell it worked for Superman  oh know  he has glasses on now---I can't  tell its him --  Anyway back to the movie --it was exactly what i was expecting---Harmless good romantic fun.    P.S.   Lindsey are those breasts real --Nice!!!!

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