Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beerfest 2006 6 out of 10

A very uneven comedy-that had its moments but wasted opportunities.  The actual Beerfest itself was where the comedy should have concentrated –but in stead story wise too much time was spent on the  "Training section of the film"   Still there were quite a few laughs amid the meandering plot.  Most of those laughs came via Jay Chandrasekher  (by far the best of the Broken Lizard troupe) as their ex-drinking pal /Male under the bridge prostitute.  "Hey its like a hot dog stand in here"   he says as he leans into their car to offer them blowjobs.   Also enjoyed the unnecessary nudity ---Every guy film should have some.    Despite the good humorous moments I just feel they wasted what could have been a comedy goldmine ---by not exploiting the setting of Beerfest itself ---oh Well.   It was kind of like  Dodgeball in that what you really wanted was more of the actual  competition  and less talking about and training for it.

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