Thursday, June 2, 2011

Release the Kracken! (Kracken Tentacles of the Deep 2006 5 out of 10

"That artifact belongs in a Museum"   Says Victoria Pratt in a scene straight out of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.....if  the villain was Jack Scalia (with a cane on a boat just like in Crusade) and if Indiana Jones was B-movie hottie Victoria Pratt...  Unfortunately that is about the only thing that is straight out of Indiana Jones....The rest of this Sci-Fi Creature feature is a story about a  Giant Squid and the uglier goofier O Connell  (out for Revenge Moby Dick style) .    Victoria Pratt's character is after some mythical Opal that the bad guy with the cane is also after.....And the KRACKEN.....It protects this mythical  Opal.......

What do you get out of this Creature feature......about 15  Digital Squid death scenes including  Drunken Party Night Fishing in the rain??? .. A Sea Captain literally losing his head when the KRACKEN is caught on the boats rope....  There is an underwater Spear Fight....and Scientists in Bikinis. (of course).....So take that into account......Not so bad it is good....But not so bad it is bad either......This Sci-Fi movie just falls into the middle.

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