Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SERIOUSLY? I have to See Space Buddies….No

This is a list of grievances if you will ----Things that I feel deserve the expression
SERIOUSLY?… There will be a future blog titled NOT SO MUCH----that will be a fun interactive one…Where You just name something you don’t really care for and say NOT SO MUCH…For example I like regular French’s mustard ---Grey Poupon NOT SO MUCH. But we aren’t quite there yet….First I want to do the blog called SERIOUSLY?

I currently in the midst of any exciting project of helping to throw around ideas and write a spec screenplay with 2 of the funniest people I know….So I’m even more sensitive to all the crap that is being made in Hollywood these days…..and all I can say to some of it is SERIOUSLY?
SERIOUSLY Paul Blart Mall Cop was the number #1 movie in America 2 weeks in a row…..Now I can’t blame the studios on this one…..I mean the movie was basically dumped in early January –which is normally the place where Oscar nominated movies go Wide Release and the Studios dump the movies sitting on their selves that weren’t good enough to be released during the holidays…..So America ……The blame is on you for this one..SERIOUSLY--- 40 Million opening weekend….There were that many people that had to see this movie the weekend it came out. Now ever studio will hire Kevin James for some stupid movies with bad scripts thinking they will be hits and eventually we will be seeing the trailers for Mall Cop 2 Judgment Day.

SERIOUSLY Slap Shot 3? Paul Newman is tossing over in his grave….The original was one of the funniest and best sports movies ever……That didn’t really call for a sequel….But mindless and uncreative Hollywood made one anyway 30 years later with Stephen Baldwin of all people…..Which I didn’t see so I can’t really thrash other than to say SERIOUSLY ? Now there is a Slap Shot 3 Which they have dragged Leslie Nielsen out of the old folks home for….I guess Slap Shot 2 made some money….and they will now milk all that is left out of the Slap Shot name now for part 3.

Which brings me to Space Buddies…

Ok I have never seen a single Air Bud dog movie and this is what the 7th 8th in the Air Bud franchise now… SERIOUSLY there was a demand for 7 or 8 Air Bud movies………. But now I have to see this one….I mean they are in space….I brought this up as a discussion with Eric about a week ago….I was like “I have to see Space Buddies” and then went on to explain how despite having never seen a single other Air Bud movie –I now need to see this one --Because they are in space……I need to know how a movie Air Bud that was based on an actually dog that could knock a basketball into a hoop with its nose ---somehow has turned into a movie with talking dogs in space suits….. I have to know why these dogs are going to space….SERIOUSLY –We joked about what must happen in the movie aside from the dog taking a dump or peeing in space joke….

We discussed how especially horror franchises eventually all go to space once they have jumped the you know what…..Like Jason went to space and Hellraiser and even Warwick Davis as Leprechaun…….Well now it is the talking puppies turn I guess…And even though Golden Retrievers are my favorite breed of dog…I just wasn’t willing to dip into this franchise until now….I mean the dogs or in space…..I went home with this rant running through my head and walked the trailer to see what I was in for……Talking dogs….and Spuds Mackenzie Russian dog---and Space Fart jokes…..NOT SO MUCH

So to conclude I will just say no to Talking dogs that look like real dog movies…..Beverly Hills Chihuahua (which the second I saw the first preview for –thought –worst movie ever---but I bet it makes a lot of money --I was right) NOT SO MUCH……Hotel for Dogs---(I don’t think they even talk) NOT SO MUCH and Space Buddies ---a really big NOT SO MUCH….

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