Saturday, September 28, 2019

Time Trap 2017 7 out of 10 (Time Travel Movie # 14) (Spoilers)

Time Trap 2017  7 out of 10

(Spoiler Warning)  I don't think I could talk about this without spoiling the concept.    It is best to go in cold and not read this.
When their professor goes missing in a cave some of his students and their younger siblings go looking for hims and end up finding something unexpected in the cave.   

The concept of this low budget film is what makes it good.  Basically they find out that time inside the cave moves a lot slower than time outside the cave.  It is like it is in its own time bubble.  Years pass by outside the cave when only seconds happen in the cave.  This allows for encounters with others in the cave from both the distant past and distant future.   How this is revealed is done well and the film does a pretty good job of making the concept as interesting and mysterious as possible.  The ending of the movie is unexpected and made me want to know more.

I'm a sucker for any movie that is Time Travel or Time Loop related.  What I liked about this the most is that it felt like a fresh new approach to this type of film.   I'd definitely recommend Time Trap.

2036 Origin Unkown 2018 1 out of 10

2036 Origin Unkown   2018 1 out of 10

Katee Sackoff stars in 20136  Origin Unknown a sci-fi film about watching paint dry in space.  I'd review this film if there was anything worth reviewing,  but that would just waste additional time on top of the time I wasted watching it.  A terrible 2001 rip-off.  The entire movie is basically Katee Sackoff sitting in a room talking to a computer.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


In our most recent Podcast we dig into the 1992 film Captain Ron

It’s been multiple podcasts in the making and it was well worth it.  This was one of the movies that I had rated as a 0/10.  Did a re-watch change my rating.   Listen in on our lively discussion on this and more 

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The Girl on a Train 2016 8+ out of 10

The Girl on a Train 2016  8+ out of 10

The Girl on a Train is slow to get going, but makes it's way down the track to a satisfying end.  It reminded me a little bit of Presume Innocent with Harrison Ford.  The story follows Rachel Watson (played by Emily Blunt) as she takes her daily train ride into New York.  She is obsessed with the life of a what appears to be a happy couple that she sees from the train everyday until one day when she sees the girls kissing someone else on the balcony.  The girl whose life she dreams about turns up missing that same night and Rachel suffers from missing time from her drinking problem. Is she responsible or is it someone else.  Without giving away the rest of the story an interesting mystery unfolds following the girl's disappearance.   
Like I mentioned above this film felt in tone very much like Presumed Innocent which I loved. The film does a decent of job of keeping you guessing throughout. I thought the mystery was satisfying and the acting was solid.  Definitely worth a watch if you like murder mysteries.

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