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"I Have a Great Idea" or Casual Wear Mola Ram’s Indy Movie Gathering 2008

Ok –So I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan—Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite movie of All-Time –and its sequels are in my top 20—So being all excited about Indy 4 coming out I decided ---"Hey wouldn't it be a Great Idea to watch all 3  Indy movies in a row before the new one comes out 
-And wouldn't it be a Great Idea to invite a few people over to watch it with me." (so far so good –still in the great idea range—but wait it is about to get all Michael Scott from last weeks The Office when he wanted to order an anti-gravity device) "Hey I should throw a movie party with themed food and everything" (Still reasonable—but he is about to lose it—and by he I mean me) "Hey why don't I spend some of my tax refund on a new LCD HDTV 47 inch for the Brad Room --I've always wanted a big TV and this would be perfect for the party" (Ok so I love the TV even though I used the Gathering as an excuse to impulsively buy it –I hadn't fallen completely off of the sanity cliff just yet) "Hey wouldn't it  be AGreat Idea -- why don't I shave my head and dress up like Mola Ram –from Temple of Doom and walk around the party in character just glaring menacingly at people all night and greet people at the door with a microphone Yelling Weclom to your Doom" (STOP right there---He has lost it) --Yep the little idea of "Hey I should watch all 3 Indy movies before number 4 comes out"----somehow turned into I'll spend over $1,000 dollars on a new TV and shave my head---and my "Great Ideas" didn't stop there…. Oh no---I had to imagine this Grand Celebration in my now bald head –where I was Mola Ram hosting this lavish affair—like a scene from some demented Fantasy Island episode.

1. One of the  "Great Ideas" that came from my currently bald dome  was "I'll buy something that looks like a heart from the grocery store and between movies –I'll have a ceremony –where I play the Mola Ram chant from Temple of Doom and walk out onto the steps of the spa and turn of the jets for effect with a red light in the Jacuzzi—and pretend to pull someones heart out and then with a lighter behind it make it look like it is on fire" Consider this a deleted scene –since It didn't happen.

2. "Hey I've got a "Great Idea"  Why don't I write a Mola Ram Rap song and I could perform it live in front of everyone and Eric can play guitar" (ok so I quickly decided the live performance would be a bad idea –So I thought we could pre-record it to get it right and oh wouldn't it be funny to put it on you tube) Ok so here is the song ---which we did not do.
Which would have been Eric playing guitar and chanting the chorus --While a sunglasses wearing Mola Ram rapped into the camera
(Chanting to guitar)
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
I'm back bitches –from the Temple of Doom
Brace yourselves as I enter the room
Watch Be shake it  and let my body go boom
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
He must be dead because I have his hat
Soon Kali Ma will rule the World
What do think about that?
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Drop the Stones Jones
They will be found but you will not
I start to chant and make the Stones hot
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
Mola Ram  - Suda Ram
The Black Sleep of Kali
Will make you weak in the knees
2 shots of it and you'll be ready to please
BAC 05/16/2008

3. "Hey I've got a Great Idea we can do a Pre-Party Interview with Casual Wear Mola Ram. Where I can tell the characters backstory" This we did --but watching it back in reality it wasn't nearly as funny as it was in my head ---Just before the Party went with Eric and Zolt in a little bit called Mola Ram goes to the liquor store—which we filmed because it seemed funny at the time ---pure foolishness. Mola Ram the life of a movie Villian ---A New Reality show
Screencap from trip to Liquor Store "What is on your head"   ---"oh i like Indiana Jones"  lady

Mola Ram buying a Pepsi 

Casual Wear Mola Ram's Backstory
He didn't die at the end of the Temple of Doom—that was just fancy editing and British Propaganda----Instead he was put in a witness relocation program on Maui where he ran a bogey board shop for 15 years. Now is in hell bent of world domination again and is using the Indy film gathering as a way to start getting new recruits. Thus the Hawaii shirt wearing Mola Ram.

The Shaving or "Let's get it over with before I chicken out and change my mind"




At this Point  i believe i mentioned that i could be THX 1138  --and Danny had the GREAT IDEA   that we could do that for Comic Con  (Beware of Great Ideas)   --of course i thought it was aGREAT IDEA until  i woke up the next day wishing my hair would grow back quicker.

Ok this pose had to be done Dr Evil
"One Milllliiiiionnnnn  Dollars"

An Angry Mola Ram sweaty Mola Ram

The Movie Gathering a Small affair
I had the movies running in 2 rooms---Their was a small gathering of close friends –not the elaborate event I had envisioned in my mind of course –in fact about 7 people shy of the people I thought were coming –but still went well..and was enjoyable…. Next time I have a movie gathering though ---I'll try and not let the concept in my mind get so blown out of proportion –Since the event ended up being more of the small idea I originally had in mind rather than the event I let my mind come up with that would have had all the theatrics….. I ended up with a small gathering of friends that enjoyed the movies and all got an intended laugh at Brad and his stupid outfit.

Guests were greeted with info at the door


Mola Ram  about to Deliver the Black Sleep of Kali from a Skull mug (sounds like a wrestling move)

A Recruit for Mola Ram's quest for World Domination

Praparing to Menace the Guests with the skull mug of the Black sleep of Kali..
Guests in the Brad Room prepare for one of the screenings --Ready for the trivia  Quote quiz which was aced by  Laura  who didn't miss a single question 

In  the other screening area Zolt faces Mola Ram's attempts to rip his heart out--Repeatedly
Stand still
  "You dare not do that"
"The British in India will be slaughtered. Then we will overrun the Moslems and force their "Allah" to bow to Kali. And then the Hebrew God will fall and finally the Christian God will be cast down and forgotten"
My  not so Menacing attack

The next time I say "Hey I have a Great Idea ---someone please remind me that –The Last time I had a Great Idea ---I ended up waking up the next morning bald and picking out which hat to wear for the day. ---Of course I still want to do my KC and the Sunshine Band "Boogie Man" Karaoke in a Wrestlers mask idea—and although it has been rescheduled twice already ---I think I have to get it out of my system to make the "Great Idea" go away
My that is too dumb to do stunt level is fairly high having been in the band WASH---but the shaved head for Mola Ram idea --still pretty high on the list. 

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