Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Strings Attached 2011 7 out of 10

Natalie's  in my top 5 and Ashton's  in my wife's  so watching this movie was a no brainer.
They both looked like they had good chemistry in the trailer for  this Ivan Reitman film and they did.
Both actors shine on the screen  (which is something Ashton hasn't achieved yet)  His best role to date is still his  That 70's show character---and a similar version of it in Dude Where's My Car.   Kevin Kline is a wonderful surprise in this as well as the ex actor dad with a catch phrase that is still partying Charlie Sheen style.    Natalie and Ashton's character agree to basically be sex  buddies with no strings attached and of course you know that won't last which is where the movie falls into predictability and drags a little during part of the flick.   All in all it had some good moments and a decent plot....yet like so many romantic comedies for me never reaches greatness....

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