Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster 1965 7 out of 10

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster  1965  7
Ok my review is just to give you the link to the trailer ---show you the picture below  and the movie poster  enough said.  Pure B-movie chesse –from the bald caps that you can see the lines—the stock footage –and bad dialogue –just good –bad stuff.

...The trailer is great and this movie is so bad and goofy with bad makeup you could just as easily be called Plan 10 from Outer Space......The guys in Astronaut suits attacks the 1960's poolside party .... Classic......This is a great bad flick.....If I ran a cult movie night at a theater this would definitely make the cut....This movie was on a DVD Documentary I watched recently as one of the 50 worst movies ever......But it is so bad ----that it is good

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