Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Meet the Spartans—whatever you do!

Meet the Spartans 2008 2 out of 10

And now for a little movie bashing…..Ok I'm done with a  entire  movie  genre….The woefully bad Airplane wannbe Spoof movies……..

Airplane 1980 10 out of 10 is a comedy classic----A Genre creating masterpiece by Jim Abrahams  and the Zuckers

previously of Kentucky Fried Movie 1977 8 out of 10 fame… 

They basically created there own style of comedy  in spoofing the Irwin Allen disaster films of the 70's with serious actors playing it straight while  puns and jokes ran on behind them…..It changed the course of Leslie Nielsen's Career….and lead to the short lived but brilliant  Police Squad  TV show and the  Naked Gun movies---and Hot Shots…..But like every great thing the bad imitations were soon to follow and now this genre is digging its own grave of mediocrity…..There is now a laziness and lack of anything resembling humor to the copycats in the genre…..Somehow they just don't work anymore….Is it the timing?? Is it bad writing??? What is it that has made the most recent batch of Airplane wannabes so dreadful??? Meet the Spartans is the latest of these miserable turds the worst of the bunch so far… It just wasn't funny like A Date movie 2006  3 out of 10  also by this crappy director  Adam Seltzer  ---This movie was a genre killer for me---All the best scenes were in the previews and even those feel flat and laugh less in the movie itself…The parodies are just stale and lay there on the screen like a dead body…Maybe the idea just isn't fresh anymore??? No I think that they are just making crap now…So instead of the perfectly timed jokes of Airplane we are left with force feed mistimed junk and retread jokes that we have seen before ----"this is the combination to my chastity belt" wasn't that already in Men in Tights…..Whatever…..So I wish I'd never "Meet the Spartans" and The Epic movie and The Superhero movie will be deleted from my Netflix Queue tonight----to spare me any more bad spoofs -----Kill the genre please and just let me watch Airplane in reruns instead of this  "Just say no---Just say no to crap"

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