Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A minor Zombie Invasion in Venice Beach (We Report Live from the Event) October 2008

With whispered rumors of a Zombie Uprising   ----The Hyper Squad decided to send a few reporters down there to catch some of the action..... Chaos and slow walking silliness.........Yeah   LA Zombie Walk  2008.

Reporting live from Venice Beach California --where about 40  brain Starved flesh eating   Zombies took to the beach in search of human  flesh...
This horde of Zombies  took to the beach paths
"Oh Ah Oh Ah " They yelled

"More  Brains"
"Ummmmmm  Brains"
There were some Anti Zombie  Protesters   --Yelling   Don't allow  Zombie Marriages----and Zombies shouldn't be able to vote.--etc....  etc....
"Kill the Protester they Yelled"

Even Zombies tell jokes
Beware of the Zombie Dog!!!!!
"Need some help in your yard   all it will cost you is your brainsssssss..."
"Send more Cops"

A Fearless Lab  takes on one of the Zombies
The mob  continued down the beach
In Search of Brains
It looks like they found a few
Here  are  some Vidcaps from our   Expired  Film  Crew  ---The video will be posted later once we get the deceased families to sign the waiver
"This crazed horde of Zombies behind me----will eat your family"

Luckily we were able to recover these screen caps the next day when we found the camera--laying on the beach
At First the Zombies ignored our crew

But eventually  became more  Aggresive

You just graduated high school  what now?    "Eat   Your  ----Brains"


Would  You?

"What do you think of this uprising?   ----UGHHHHHH!     "They can't seem to communicated with me"     (Our Reporters  dying words)

Luckily there was  a 16 Ton weight  handy and the Zombie Uprising was  finally put down.... May the rest in piece.

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