Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fear the Walking Dead: NOT SO MUCH 2015 3 out of 10

I'm five episodes into the 6 episode first season of  Fear the Walking Dead and I'm about ready to quit.  

This isn't the zombie show I was looking for.  The Walking Dead has become so good that it had become one of my favorite shows on TV, so I was looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead.  This show was going to take us back to the exciting time of the zombie apocalypse that we missed on the original show.  This show was going to show us how the apocalypse begins in a major city like Los Angles.  Instead we get the slow moving zombie show with no zombies.   Where are the zombies?  I've never seen a zombie movie or show with such a lack of zombies since Disaster LA (one of the worst zombie movies out there).   Five episodes in and this show is just slow and boring.  It is unbelievable in it's complete and utter lack of zombies.  It seems the producers bit off more than they could chew.   This zombie show has no flesh and five episodes in I don't care about any of the characters.  I feel no connection with the main family and their fake Johnny Deep on heroin character. 
 I definitely don't care about the immigrant that likes to torture people for information.  They could kill off the entire cast and start over for all I care....and maybe add some f---ing zombies to the cast while they are at it.  I was trying to give it a chance--after all it took me awhile to start enjoying the original show ---but with one episode left I just don't care.   I don't care about the flickering light that the stupid wife decides to go out of the safe area to investigate (for no logical reason).    I just feel disappointed at this point.....
The only positive thing about this show is that it makes me miss the original Walking Dead that returns in a few weeks.   I can't wait to watch a good zombie show again.

So do I Fear the Walking Dead.......Not in Los Angeles I don't. 

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast #9 Escape from Tomorrow and Disney talk

We have touched on Disney and Disneyland in previous Podcasts—but this time we get knee deep in it.

We talk about the controversial movie Escape from Tomorrow,  dig into Star Wars Land at Disneyland and discuss some other stuff from the parks and Disney in general.

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Alive 1974 5 out of 10

I remember I was around 6 years old when the advertisement for this movie would play on Select TV or was it the Movie channel.  The ad for this film freaked me out.   I would have to change the channel.   It was just a baby carriage turning around slowly with some monstrous arm.

I knew years later after I’d seen hundreds of horror movies that if I went back and watched this movie it was probably going to be super cheesy.  Well this week I finally did and here is the verdict.

It's Alive  1974   5 out of 10

The Plot:

A couple is a having a baby.   Things go terribly wrong.

Apparently this baby was a super mutant killer baby –that the moment it was born decides to kill every doctor in the delivery room and then escape (Best scene in the movie by the way).   
The story moves dreadful slow from here on out as the dad and mom deal with the news.   Meanwhile the baby (barely shown on screen—probably for good reason because babies aren’t that menacing in general)  crawls its way all over town killing milk men and joggers as it uses its mutant powers to somehow track where they live.    The baby finally makes it to the house and the dad doesn’t pick up on the clues.   (Like gallons of milk are missing from the fridge). 

His young son who they had sent to stay with a relative while they were having the baby—comes home just in time to encounter his creepy mutant brother in the basement….The dad unloads his gun on the quick moving mutant as it escapes.  Then it is trapped in the sewers by the police.  The dad comes face to face with it and decides to keep it alive...but the police have other plans.   

I was shocked to learn that this movie actually got two sequels and that it made 7 million in the theaters back in 1977 when it got re-released.  The effects were horrible and the movie was boring.  Too dull and boring to be a cult classic.  Personally I think the only way a killer baby movie works is if you do it for laughs. 

Here is the trailer that freaked me out at age 6.

 My own Mutant Baby Connection:
I wonder if subconsciously that creepy ad had an influence on me years later when a friend and I wrote a song about a killer baby called Skewer Baby?   Maybe it did---or maybe the evil zombie baby in Dead Alive was a bigger influence.   Anyway the song was based on a horror movie idea we had that featured a killer baby that had survived a plane crash and had a metal rod stuck in him. The concept was to have a parody trailer about a killer baby that moved so slowly that it never killed anyone.  I even have some storyboards for the fake trailer laying around somewhere.  (I'll have to look for them).

Here is a version of the song we performed in the early 1990’s.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Super Fantastic Terrific : Podcast #8 Dark City and Bad Shark Movies

In our latest podcast we discuss Dark City.   A classic must see sci-fi Film which we all really liked.  I rewatched this film the night before the podcast to refresh my memory (how appropriate).   Everytime I watch this film I like it a little bit more.   

Listen as we discuss how to get to Shell Beach

 Speaking of Beaches....We also discuss Shark movies.   Here is my quick guide to shark movies of which I’ve seen over 20 of.

Listen to the podcast and leave us some feedback either here or on Facebook.

And search this blog for the shark movies we discussed for additional thoughts on them.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Drive Thru 2007 6 out of 10

Drive Thru 2007 6 out of 10

I was flipping through channels over the weekend and passed Chiller TV and saw a quick blurb about a movie that said something like "A bunch of High School teenagers must save their town from a Killer Clown that works at a fast food restaurant".   I had to record this of course (expecting it to be absolutely terrible)  but it had me at Killer Clown working at a Fast Food restaurant which makes it a possible so bad it is good movie.   

The movie opens with a bunch of punks pulling into a late night fast food drive thru.  The punks and their death scene is something straight out of Toxic Avenger as they break into the fast food restaurant and die in a gory way at the hands of a Clown with a head that has a speaker box for a mouth and an outfit straight out of the band KISS's closet.   The movie is just an average horror flick peppered with some decent kills -like the cool scene in a Haunted Funhouse ride. The killer clown has some decent cheesy one-liners which also make the film watchable.

 The story basically features a group of kids that are getting killed off by this Killer (Rock N Roll) Clown that is the evil looking mascot from a burger chain called Hella-Burger.  Think if Krusty The Clown from the Simpsons had a evil baby with Jack from Jack n'the Box. The story itself is an often used plot straight out of Nightmare on Elm Street or similar revenge stories.   A character that had been bullied or "Killed" by a group of teens in the past takes out his revenge on the children of those teens that hurt him.  Don't expect anything new or original here, but you may enjoy it if you are fan of evil clowns. 

The acting in the movie is decent. The lead actress Leighton Meester has actually been in a bunch of other things since then and she makes for a good lead character.

Here is the trailer

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