Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ice Road Terror 2011 5 out of 10 (the best Ice Road Trucking Giant Lizard movie of 2011)

Ice Road Terror   the hands down best  Ice Road Trucker vs  Giant Lizard movie of 2011......
Okay --so some writer is sitting at home having a few beers late one night watching Ice Road Truckers and thinks to himself....What is there were a Giant Digital Lizard attacking the trucks to make it even better.  And the result   Ice Road Terror....
A typical line from this flick...."Truckers don't abandon truckers"    I guess the brotherhood of these Ice Road truckers runs deep.    Apparently that same creed doesn't hold true for the guy that owns the diamond mine.....In a boring unnecessary speech he tells the girl sent to inspect the site that he would have left them all --right before he gets gobbled up by the hungry  mythical  lizard.     The movie was fairly good for the first hour  (at least as far as Ice Road Trucker vs Lizard movies go)  until they abandon the truck and hole up in a cabin ( A typical cost saving move in movies like this)

Anyway if you have ever wondered what Ice Road Truckers would be like with a giant Lizard attacking them ....Well this is the movie for you

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