Saturday, June 11, 2011

Immortal 2004 4 out of 10

Immortal 2004  4 out of 10
This Sci-fi comic book adaptation is all over the place.   A bizarre mix of live action and video game style animation--at times visually stunning and at other times  just plain confusing.  The mix wasn't smooth and seemed the choices seemed unnecessary at times.    The story  was so mysterious that it never really got explained--all I know is that Horus wants to impregnate some mysterious non-human girl with blue hair  -using the body of some criminal that was accidentally released from prison a year early.  Other than that couldn't really figure out what the hell was going on.  At one point  -The mysterious masked character rescues the girl and the guy inhabited by Horus in a flying taxi and they escape from some CGI cyborg characters and a flying red hammerhead shark creature---to an icy area of futuristic New York  -where the masked man gives the girl a red pill that makes her human--go figure. 

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