Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Trip to the Kwik E Mart (2007)

I was moping around the house this morning --with absolutely no plans whatsoever --then luckily -one of my best friends called because he was bored.
Life  in general  decided to deal me some fun cards today ---If that doesn't make sense --read my other blog.   We ended up hanging out for a bit then I threw out random idea of what we could do.  "Hey why don't we find where the closest Kwik E Mart  (7-Eleven  --done up to promote Simpson's movie)    His brother Danny decided to join.  So just to get out of the house for the day we set off on what would turn out to be an adventure.
We drove to LA -and stopped for some snacks --Got some Buzz Cola  (Eric and Danny looking so cool on our nerdy adventure
A line for the Kwik E Mart
While in line for a Squishie the machine broke  so we stopped and took pictures with Chief Wiggums  -Danny  goes for the Donut
Eric goes for the gun
Ralph "My cat's name is mittens" Wiggums
What a deal
(Picture of Me trying to Eat Homer's Hot dog deleted since I need to lose about 20 pounds --tomorrow i start running again)
They even had guys talking like Apu behind the counter  (Sorry politically incorrect but true)
Here is my new default picture   "Worst Default Picture Ever"

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