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Nerds –Hotties & Buffy “One more time with Feeling” Part 1 2007

Okay so my nerd scale is currently about  a 9.5 out of 10   after my first ever trip to the San Diego Comic Con this weekend.    It was an overwhelming –exhausting day of fun—with way too many nerds (ourselves included).    It was so crowded--So  very  crowded  --my other friend wasn't even able to get a ticket since it sold out over a week ago
I'm not a big comic book guy –I haven't really read anything outside of Star Wars or Indiana Jones comics –because I'm just really into the stories of those franchises---but the art work in comic books is  truly amazing to me and just as good if not better than the artists whose stuff hangs in museums.  The sheer size and amount of people at the comic –con was literally ginormous.  
We entered the main area and decided to start at one side and make our way through the Plethora of booths.    The booths consisted of comics –comic art –Video Game companies –Tv Channels and Major Movie Studios all  hawking there wares and giving out free junk to the mindless horde of nerds.     Ttantalizing our confused nerd brains with flashing lights and  colors and luring us in their booths with scantily clad women
There was so much to see--information overload was in full effect--As we started to gather more and more useless free crap.   "Free stuff"  "Sure".
As the free crap gathered we got big giant DORK bags from Warner Bros --that were hawking Smallville and some other Superman related thing---All chance of not looking like a complete nerd was lost as we now carried giant red man purses around--  Here is Danny with Bart ---Notice the giant DORK  bag over the shoulder --very stylish.
I thought i had planned ahead ---i had a schedule of things i wanted to see  mainly a lot of TV show panels   since like i said not as much into the comics themselves---Well it wasn't to be.  After isles and isles of stuff we attempted to go to theTV Heroes panel---No such luck --50 million nerds beat us there.  the line already stretched around the entire upper floor of the building.
The BattleStar Gallactica Panel  - not going to happen.  So we headed back into Nerd Central and wandered around ---with attention spans of gnats.
Here are pictures of some of the distractions
Cool Art Featuring Roger's wife
'Here's  Conan"
"I'm Ready –I'm Ready"  Spongebob time
Bender says  "What the hell are you looking at"

No clue but cool

As my friend Danny took his nerd meter up an extra  notch at the Wizard --gaming booth--i wandering around taking fun pictures
Here is cool Pirates Booth from Disney which had cool production photos in cave that were taken by Jerry Bruckheimer

LEGO Star Wars ---(Nice)

Here is some Blue Dude ---Sorry don't know what it is from

It feels like the Movie Red Dawn  ---becuase I want to yell out "Wolverines"

An issue at the Comic-con was the lack of food at the event--i guess they think nerds run on batteries ---so we headed out in Downtown San Diego and had lunch at Dick's Last Resort
 Where the guy at the counter was dressed Napolean Dynamite

We had a great relaxing  lunch---escaping from the crazy crowds  --before flopping our big giant Nerd Bags of crap over our shoulders and heading back through the streets of Downtown.   If a nerd killing sniper had been on the roof targeting nerds  --we stood out as if we had targets on our backs.
-Back to Dorksville we went .   More great stuff
Here is some guy rocking the con in style as Black Bastard

Movie ad for the new Christopher Walken Ping Pong film

The Atmosphere was electric

"Death Proof"
Speed Racer Car and the Batmobile

Heroes and  Villians

'Wonder Woman'
Bladerunner had a presence at the Con  --hanging with Indy
There be Pirates lurking in every cove--

We headed up stairs for another panel which we would again be too late for.   i was hoping to see the panel with Jos Whedon on the Buffy Comic book that is coming out that is basically what season 8  would have been if the show hadn't been cancelled--but even that was full--damn.    At this point i decided that i was not going to miss the last thing on my list of thing to see which was the 10th anniversary  for Buffy Screening of "One More Time with feeling"  the musical episode that started at 9pm--so we headed back down into the belly of the beast which I will continue tomorrow  blogging tomorrow night -since i'm running out of steam now .
So stay tuned for Part 2

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