Friday, January 27, 2017

The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast #22 In this Podcast we discuss Star Trek vs Star Wars

In our latest Podcast we discuss Star Trek vs Star Wars in a fun conversation.  I was surprised at what we disagreed on.  We talk Star Trek: Beyond  and Rogue One.   We get into the Franchises as a whole and also briefly touch on the new Woody Harrelson Han Solo movie news. 

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising 2016 5 out of 10

Neighbors 2 : Sorority Rising  2016  5 out of 10

The original movie was a fun take on the War of Roses type movie. A couple battles a frat in a crazy battle of neighbors.
The movie did well at the box office office so a sequel was inevitable.  When the trailer came out it actually looked like it may be worth watching ---especially if you liked the original.   The concept for the sequel was an easy one.  This time around ...right as the couple was trying to sell their house a sorority moves in and chaos ensues again,

Unfortunately--all of the best scenes for this sequel are in the trailer. It should have been more over the top and crazier than the first one,  but instead it was just a not so creative rehashing of the original.  It wasn't as funny,   it wasn't as extreme in the battles.   Despite one good scene with a chase at the Tailgate party --- the film was pretty tame and almost dull.  The writing for this sequel was just lazy and instead of being wild and crazy it was fairly dull and mundane.  It was an unnecessary cash grab sequel with little entertainment value.

Enjoy the Trailer......Skip the movie.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Flashback Friday Movie Review: Event Horizon 1997 9+ out of 10

Event Horizon 1997   9+ out of 10

I decided to take a look back at Event Horizon recently after watching several similarly themed films over the summer.
Event Horizon is an example of a horror movie in space.  Think of it as a Space Ship/Haunted House film.  It borrows elements from films like the Shining (in the journey to madness)  and Aliens (in the visual style of the film).   

I had recently seen films like Pandorum from 2009  in which a couple astronauts wake up early on a long range mission to find out they are not alone on the ship.   It is a great journey into space madness.  An interesting film worth checkin out.

Inifini  2015 was a surprisingly good  low budget Aussie film with of a similar story where a search a rescue team are transported to a facility to only to find madness as well.   And the movie Sunshine 2007  which also had a simliar story that just didn't work as well for me.

I'm glad I took a look back at Event Horizon --because on repeat viewing I actually enjoyed it a more than the first time around . Paul WS Anderson directed the film and the production of the film itself sounds like it was cluster f... .  There is a great article over on Den of Geek that gets more into detail of the film's production issues and factors that may have lead to how the film turned out.
Somehow a cool film came out of the process.

The strength of the film is the performances by its strong cast that includes Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill.   The crew is sent to investigate a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now surprisingly come back.   Sam Neill does an excellent job as the scientist that already knows more than the crew.  (Evil Scientists always ruin everything---they always have to study things --that shouldn't be studied).    Something came back with the spaceship when it returned from the black hole.   A Force, a dark energy,  maybe even Hell itself.    Instead of being just a movie about space madness---this film gets deeper into Clive Barker,  H.P Lovecraft territory.  The ship has apparently returned acrosss the black hole from another dimension --basically unlocked Pandora's box and unleashing a hell dimension into our universe.    The film is visually stunning.  The abandoned ship is super creepy with a strange gothic ship design that looks like something out of a torture chamber.   The movie sets up this haunted ship in space so well and then devolves into chaos.   I really enjoyed this film on repeat viewing after about 20 years and gave it a better rating than I had back in 1997.

If you like creepy Sci-Fi horror with a strange haunted house gothic vibe ---make the time to revisit Event Horizon

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

November Man 2014 7+ out of 10 (Brosnan could still be Bond)

November Man 2014  7+ out of 10

He may not be James Bond anymore--but Pierce Brosnan has still got it and could still pull off Bond in my opinion.   He has aged well as Peter Devereaux a former CIA Agent who is pulled back into duty to extract a woman escaping from Russia.  The mission ends up having him face off with a former protege.  The woman that is trying to escape is shot and it turns out it is Devereaux's wife, but leads to information about another women that has major secrets.

The movie is a good spy thriller with twists and turns as everyone is trying to locate one women that may have powerful secrets that no one wants to get out.  The action sequences were fun and exciting.  Brosnan is still very believable as as trained killer and this character has a little darker edge from his turn as James Bond.   Definitely a spy thriller worth checking out.   I was able to predict how it was going to end however a little bit too easily so --it loses a point for that---but otherwise a fun thriller.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Retro Sci-Fi: The Green Slime 1968 7 out of 10

The Green Slime 1968  7 out of 10

When your sick in bed sometimes you will watch anything.  That was the case with The Green Slime.

A giant asteroid is threatening Earth so some astronauts must go and blow it up.  Armageddon and Deep Impact decades before its time.  The only problem is they bring back a strange substance to the space station that turns into a bunch of one eyed tentacle monsters. 

The Green Slime was actually a decent 1960's Sci-Fi film that story wise set-up future great sci-fi films with it's themes.  The Retro Sci-Fi Poster is awesome.  The theme song is catchy and the acting and writing is actually pretty good.  With modern special effects this could have been a really decent flick.   Unfortunately it featured some of the silliest worst looking monsters this side of Sigmud the Sea Monster.   Seriously this creatures look ridiculous.

So is this movie So Bad that it is Good???  or does the fact that everything else about this film is enjoyable --make the monsters of the film just unfortunate?  I'm very conflicted --because I want to like the movie and be scared by the monster --but they look like extras from a Sid and Marty Kroft  production.

I loved the astronauts trying to fight off the terrible monsters with their electricity arms.

 These power hungry creatures reproduce as fast as Trebbles.

I think I'm going to have to give this film a 7 out of 10 --for being interesting despite one of the worst movie monsters of all time.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bourne Ultimatum 2007 7 out of 10

Bourne Ultimatum 2007  7 out of 10

I've now seen all 4 of the Matt Damon Bourne movies and I'm convinced that Jason Bourne is just a disposable action hero.  The Jason Bourne movies have perfected the following and avoiding people in a crowd scene. These scenes are filled with tension and look great on screen.    Half of the scenes are people trying to find Jason Bourne and Jason Bourne trying to find answers.  The first movie in the Bourne series seemed new and unique---but now the formula for the Bourne movies has made them completely unmemorable after viewing.   Don't get me wrong:  they are a fun and enjoyable ride at the time you are watching them --but other than Jason Bourne getting one small piece of information about his past --nothing really happens.   Jason Bourne isn't saving the world like James Bond or Jack Bauer,  instead he is just avoiding capture again and again while the people around him die.   The series features great action sequences---but after the thrill of watching the film---I feel empty as far as the series goes.  

In conclusion:   Watch the Bourne films for the action sequences --not for the slowly evolving and redundant story lines.

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(Animated movie # 13 ) Mr. Peabody and Sherman 2014 6 out of 10 Time Travel Movie # 10)

Mr Peabody and Sherman 2014  6 out of 10

Everything gets a remake or reboot.  I don't really think thing anyone was clamouring for a Mr. Peabody and Sherman remake --but it happened anyway.  The characters come from shorts in Rocky and Bullwinkle TV series from the 1960's so I'm sure kids today have no idea who this character even are.  Mr Peabody and Sherman travelled through time in the original 1960's cartoon so I guess the concept has some potential.    

The Movie:
The movie itself was alright--but not memorable.   This time travel adventure was high on quality action sequences --but missed the mark on humor.   I didn't laugh once.  Mr Peabody and Sherman as characters were just not interesting enough to carry the movie.   If you are going to do an animated Time Travel movie it needs to be funny.....and Mr Peabody and Sherman failed for me in that respect.

Time Travel:
The time travel aspects of the story were decent as far as the places the traveled and the consequences of their time travel,  but again I was thinking about a Family Guy time travel episode and how much better that was than this.

The average opinion on the Internet views this film more favorable than I did ....So my advice as always---would be if the trailer looks good to you give it a shot.   It is family friendly animated film with a few historically jokes that only adults may get...But definitely safe for the kids.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Pete's Dragon, Rogue One, Dr Strange and Moana Reviews

The Super Fantastic Terrific Page of Movies , TV and Entertainment is my main Movie Review and News Page.  
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But if you are wondering where are all the big Pixar, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars reviews????  After all Disney movies did gross over 7 Billion dollars  in 2016.

Those reviews are over at my Disney themed The Mouse Minute webpage.

So here is a quick recap and link to my more recent reviews that fall under the Disney Umbrella.

My Thoughts on Rogue One

My Moana Review

My Dr. Strange Review

And finally -- my thoughts on Pete's Dragon

Sunday, January 8, 2017

HellRaiser : Hell World 2005 6 out of 10

Hell Raiser : Hell World 2005  6 out of 10

To be honest I have no idea how this movie series has lasted nine films.   Hell Raiser: Hell World is the 8th movie in this horror franchise.   This one in the series has a twist that Hellword is now an online game.  Some players whose friend died years ago after playing the game too much get invited to a HellWorld party by earning invites online.  They go to a spooky mansion that has a weird and wild party going on.  Lance Henriksen (of numerous B Movies and Alien fame) is the person apparently throwing the strange party.      

Like the franchise in general the concept behind this particular film starts out with a cool idea ---but then doesn't really live up to its potential.   Pinhead and his gang or used sparingly in the flick as Lance Henriksen seems to be the real villain.   I was starting to get bored of the flick about an hour and 15 minutes in and was about to write it off as just another wasted HellRaiser movie gone wrong,   but then it started to get a little weird that things weren't quite like they seemed.  The movie had a couple of weird twists that sort of redeemed it a little for me at the end.   Unfortunately ---just like the entire concept for the franchise----it could have been a lot better.  

 While researching the series for this blog I learned hat Clive Barker was really only involved with the very first film.   It is a shame that he didn't have influence over the series as it could have been much better than the mediocre series it became.  Clive Barker has a cool and twisted vision.  A sort of  demented H.P. Lovecraft vibe that could have been a lot better on screen.   I wish Lord of Illusions had received a followup and the concept of HellRaiser could have been executed better.

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Godzilla 2014 6 out of 10

Godzilla 2014  6 out of 10

After Rogue One I saw that Godzilla directed by Gareth Edwards was playing on TV so I decided to record it on the DVR and watch it while I was sick in bed this weekend.  I had liked what he did with his low Godzilla style movie Monsters......So I figured he was the perfect person to direct this film.

The movie starts off a little slow and really takes awhile to get going.  Once we finally get to the real action near the end the footage of Godzilla hitting the 2 other Monsters is pretty epic.  This Godzilla is much better than the big budget  1998 version awhile back with Matthew Broderick.  That film didn't think Godzilla only was interesting enough so they had a bunch of mini Godzillas that looked like Raptors from Jurassic Park .   I was really disappointed with that film.

This Godzilla did a much better job than that 1998 version---but it wasn't as good as Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim was bas ass and took the genre to the next level.  This movie needed to step up to that level and failed to do so.    Instead if felt more like a big budget version of the old he giant monster battling in  costumes stomping  on models of cities.  The special effects for the end of the film were great and enjoyable.....I just don't feel this movie will be memorable years from now. It just wasn't special or unique enough to stand out.  The final battle was just a little bit too little to late to win me over.

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Central Intelligence 2016 7 out of 10

Central Intelligence 2016  7 out of 10

Central Intelligence is a good buddy cop adventure starring Kevin Hart (playing himself as always) and Dwayne the Rock Johnson.   The plot is silly and The Rock's character (despite being kick ass is odd throughout the film, which was a strange choice.  They almost lead you to believe he is faking how his character is a first---but it turns out that isn't the case.

A 20 year reunion is approaching and an old class mate know back in the day as  Geeky Outsider named Fat Rob contacts Kevin Hart's character who was the ultimate athlete student back in the day for a drink.    The flashback to The Rock singing in Fat makeup is probably the best part of the flick.   I think and entire movie with Fat Rock would have made a better film    Anyway.....Fat Rob is now kick ass Rock a CIA Agent gone Rogue and unknowingly enlists the help of his old classmate.  The two end up embroiled in CIA Espionage situation situation.    The movie has some good action sequences and chemistry between The Rock and Kevin Hart clicks.   The movie had some funny moments.  The Rock  even in a odd character role) can make any action movie enjoyable.   

The weak point of the movie was the attempt to try and convince the viewer that The Rock may be the bad guy after all....This red herring just never works and as much as they try the viewer never really buys into this angle.   The Rock is too likeable in the the film for the viewer to want to buy into that and so the tension you are supposed to feel in certain scenes isn't really there.    I loved the references to Sixteen Candles which is supposedly The Rock's characters favorite flick.

A decent buddy cop film worth a rental.

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Top 5 Must See Movies for 2017 so Far

2017 is going to be an interesting movie year.   There are a lot of big budget sequels and potential blockbuster films.

Here is my current top 5 Must See Movies so far.   
Things could change as  more trailers come out.

Number 5
Beauty and the Beast - March 17 

Hitting theaters in March of 2017 Disney brings to the screen a live action version of Beauty and the Beast.  The original animated film was great.....The stage play was a smash hit.  
I see no reason that this version will not be a big hit for Disney and it's fans.

Number 4
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - May 26

Any other year a Pirates of the Caribbean movie might be at the top of my list.  The Curse of the Black Pearl is one of my top movies of all-time and Captain Jack Sparrow is one of my favorite movie characters.   This year  Pirates only makes number 4 on my Must See list.   A Good movie year this may be.

Number 3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2  May 5

The first Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprise hit for me and my favorite movie of 2014.
I can't wait to see Star Lord and the gang in action again.  Baby Groot looks to be possibly the best character of 2017.

Number 2
Blade Runner 2049  October 6 

It is no mystery to people that know me that Harrison Ford is my favorite actor of All-Time.   Indiana Jones is my favorite character and Han Solo isn't far behind.   The return of Blade Runner which is a cornerstone classic Sci-Fi film that influenced so many films has been a long time coming.   I can't wait.   I hope they get it right. 

Number 1
Star Wars: Episode 8   December 15

No Surprise here.  Star Wars is my favorite movie franchise and after Rogue One Disney has it running on all cylinders.  We only got a glimpse of Luke in Episode we get to see Luke Skywalker back in action again.   

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