Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Shakiest Gun in the West 1968 6 out of 10

Before he was Mr Furley on Three's Company  back during his popular Emmy winning Andy Griffith Show days.....Don Knotts was a movie star.....And no one did the fumbly, nervous, mistaken identity thing better than Don.   He was typecast with perfection in a series of similar films which included this  silly western comedy in which he plays a dentist heading west.  He is roped into some drama by a sexy government agent and mistakenly gets credit for being a great gunmen that he clearly is not.   The movie is a fun comic western diversion with Don Knott's twitching and bumbling with way through this adventure too perfection.  The best scene is probably his Dentist final where he hilariously battles with his uncooperative patient.   If you like Don Knott's then this is right up your alley.

Here is the Dentist scene.......If you enjoy this check out the movie

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Percy Jackson and The Olympians The Lightning Thief 2010 8 out of 10

Percy Jackson and the very long Title  2010   8 out of 10

This movie was a pleasant surprise. Brought to the screen as yet another attempt to turn a children's book series into the next Harry Potter,   it didn't succeed just like many other series......Lemony Snicket,  The Golden Compass--just to name a few.   The film which I overlooked when it was in the theaters was a quality good film however.   A strong story that follows a boy that at first doesn't know he is a demi-god--that through a series of events is set upon a journey that follows in the epic heroes quests of demi-gods like Hercules and Perseus. It has the elements that made Potter great ---and by that I mean a strong story and mythology.  
The quest takes Percy through tests such as Medusa and Las Vegas ( a great  modern day  twist on an old Greek myth theme).
This movie is definitely worth a watch for Fantasy film lovers and fans that are into things like Potter and I hope that the second book in the series gets made---because the story definitely deserves to live on.

Aladdin and the Deathlamp 2012 5 out of 10

Yet another in a long line of cheap bad Syfy Channel movies.
Aladdin and the Deathlamp......2012 5 out of 10.

So many of these movies seem like bad pot smoking ideas.....
"What if  we made a movie..... where Aladdin finds the lamp, but instead of an animated Robin Williams singing and cracking jokes the Genie was a blood thirsty Reptilian looking creature out for souls."   Sure why not....they had me suckered in at the title alone (Of course I like watching bad Sci-Fi movies as I constantly search for the So-bad it is Good films)..   Everything about this movie is cheap.  The effects the small cast wandering around the forest and desert.  Bad dialogue, bad acting....and yet it was just interesting enough not to lose my attention.  With the feel of a cheap episode of Stargate the film moved along to its not so epic conclusion.  A sample of the films stellar bad dialogue is this.  "We are going to find the jewels and be on our separate ways.  I'm tired of listening to us fight.  All we ever do is fight. When I get home I'm going to find a women who never speaks and makes love like an animal and spend the rest of my days in her bed".....Random speaches like this are throughout the film and of course this character is destined for some other then what he desires.

Here is a sneak peak at the film and its bad acting as the Reptilian Genie..... Grants a wish that turns out bad

Wanderlust 2012 4 out of 10

Wanderlust 2012.   George and Linda are both out of a job and can no longer afford the tiny little micro loft they just bought in New York,  so they take off for Atlanta so George can work for his asshole brother.   That doesn't turn out so well and so they decide to return to this little hippie commune that they got stuck in on the way there.  The movie is basically a Lost in America that instead of following  this better films format gets mired down in bad hippie jokes.  The film has a great cast that stars two of my favorite actors.  The always beautiful Jennifer Aniston and solid performer comedy performer  Paul Rudd.  The cast also features many of  the old MTV sketch comedy show The State.   Unfortunately for me the cast gets wasted figuratively and literally in this story at the hippie commune they get stuck in and try to embrace on their journey.  If you are fan of the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer --a cult classic also written by David Wain that came from The State as well you will probably like this film as well.   For me  the movie  just fell flat as the story went from one hippie drug joke to the next, not my cup of tea.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Captain Sindbad 1963 6 out of 10 (SO BAD it's Good)

 Captain Sindbad  1963.......6 out of 10

I usually love the old school sword and monster films.  The Ray Harryhausen spectacles like Jason and the Argonauts and movies like that---this however is so cheesy it is laughable...
 326 Magic tricks  it advertising ....(I'm still waiting)......Guy Williams  (much better in Lost in Space --and better with a sword in Disney's Zorro TV Show)  is wasted in this Sindbad  movie.    Watch as he battles the invisible monster in an arena...(that is one way to save money).....Watch his ship have rocks dropped on it by plastic birds.....Watch him climb the treacherous dusty rope and battle the giant dirty glove with spikes..... and the hand puppet Hydra.....Yes the effects in this movie were so lame that even a stage play wouldn't use them.....As for the 326 magic tricks---I guess most of those take place with the palace magician that seems like a character straight out of Santa Claus vs the Martians or some other terrible film.   The sword fights in this  film are underwhelming.....Everything is this film is underwhelming.
The trailer pretty much sums up the entire movie....It just barely crosses into SO BAD it is good territory that I gave it a 6 out of 10.....and must of those points come from watching the trailer after the movie.....We are definitely in SO BAD territory.....

"The Fist of Horror"   LOL

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Animated Shorts #1 Tangled Ever After

Tangled Ever After is a Disney short that shows the wedding of Flynn and that girl that used to have the really long hair but cut it off. Well it sort of shows the wedding....until Maximus and Pascal end up losing the wedding rings which sets into motion one of the funniest action adventure short features that I can remember. The animation is stunning and the adventure to get the rings back for the wedding is both thrilling and side splitting. The second this animated short finished the kids were cheering "play it again" which I did and they laughed again from start to finish. "We should watch this once every night" they proclaimed after the second viewing.

The search for the rings is on the same energy level as the old Roger Rabbit shorts that came out after Who Framed Roger Rabbit. ( "Tummy Trouble" and "Roller Coaster Rabbit" which if you haven't seen check the out). Maximus and Pascal are chasing after the rings with reckless abandon to make sure the wedding doesn't end up in ruins and the gags and action are at such a perfect frantic pace that it leaves you wanting more. Kudos to Disney for this gem of a cartoon short.

American Reunion 2012 5 out of 10

American Reunion......2012   5 out of 10.
Save the best piece for Last ?   Not so much.......
The final slice of pie was somehow not as good as some of the other pieces.   Maybe the pie had been left out too long on the counter??  Maybe someone did something to the pie??   Personally I enjoyed the American Wedding  (part 3) the best of the Pie movies.   The 2 best characters are Stifler and Jim and the Wedding movie featured them more prominently.  The film's highlights feature the conversations between Jim (Jason Biggs) and  his dad (Eugene Levy of SCTV fame).  This reunion attempts to get the whole gang back and then doesn't bother to give half of them any stories lines worth telling.   It has some funny and entertaining scenes --but the ploy seemed lazy.  The filmmakers seemed content to re thread material in less interesting ways.
Chris Klein  in particular is a waste of the silver screen and his character has nothing interesting to say or do.  I was also disappointed that the film basically ignored Stifler's character growth in the last film and basically just recast him as old Stifler for the film.  If you like the American Pie movies --you will probably enjoy some of this a whole it is a couple of slices of pie short.   

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Film Noir: DOA 1949 7 out of 10

D.O.A. from 1949  is a solid Film Noir movie that follows an Accountant's search to find out who poisioned him before he dies.  The pacing of the film and its dialogue matches the main characters urgency to solve the puzzle quickly.   The movie starts with the main character stumbling down the hall of a police station   where he is revealed to report a murder.....His own murder.
The film then backtracks over the past day to unfold how it happened.  As each piece of the puzzle is revealed he gets closer and more desperate to solve the crime as time is his enemy.
The film was later remade in the 1980's with Dennis Quaid. 

It can be found on this set of Film Noir movies.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shutter 2008 7 out of 10

  1. Shutter 2008  7 out 10...was a good Japanese style horror movie starring Joshua Jackson.   From the producers of The Ring and The Grudge it had that same creepy vibe to it.   The movies plot follows a newly married couple  as they travel overseas to Japan for his photography job.    An car accident happens and they start seeing these ghostly images in all their photos.   Things are quite what they seem at firs.  I personally partially figured out part of one of the twists of the film fairly early on  (just not the exact details)- yet it didn't ruin the movie for me.  If you liked The Ring and The Grudge you will probably enjoy this film as well.
Here is the trailer for it.

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Shark Week 2012 3 out of 10 (Another really bad shark movie)

Assylum strikes again....With another terrible low budget bad sci-fi movie.   Shark Week---no not the week of shark footage on Discovery channel.  This one stars a guy dressed like The Most Interesting Man in the world on a bad bender.  (Apparantly the writers of the movie were drunk as well--because this movie is a mess).   A lot of boring bad dialogue in between so dark you can't see anything shark attacks.   The plot: (if you can call it a plot) --was a groupl of complete strangers that of course have a link to the Most uninteresting  man in the world.  He kidnaps them and brings them to his island where he forces them through a series of boring shark attacks and caves--and sitting on the beach yelling at each other.  With each stage of this silly death game the drunken madman (who doesn't even seem interesting the game at all as he sits smoking his cigar and stroking his strand of pearls  (i guess they couldn't afford a cat) them a bunch of dull details about sharks before they are attacked by more and more dangerous species.......

I love me some bad shark movies ---but this one really stunk...

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