Sunday, June 12, 2011

Left for Dead 2007 4 out of 10 (Leave it off your DVR)

Spaghetti/Western/Horror.....With terrible one some angry ghost preacher that was killed by a bunch of whores and wants revenge.....The lead actress looks like an angry Michele Rodriquez wannabe.  The soundtrack :  Mandolin  turns into metal rock .   At moments it  seems like it could be cool then quickly becomes bogged down in boring conversations and scenes about  dead babies...and random flashbacks in case you forgot that the  cheesy ghost Eastwood wannabe with his bad horror movie one liners had been killed by WHORES.......

Did I mention WHORES...Well the opening titles that attempt to explain the story before it starts mentions it at least 5 or 6 times....and I quote   "  In a mining town called Amnesty where a preacher ended his affair with a local whore...The whore went insane and with the other whores in town, they killed every man, women and child"    (Doesn't make sense why they all would do this but ok)    "The Preacher made a deal with the devil to live on as a ghost, hoping one day to exact bloody revenge"   (why not)   "Cursed to never travel beyond Amnesty's cemetery he carried on believing one day circumstances would bring those whores back to his vengeful hands"    (Hey luckily Ghost---look a bunch of murdering whores just wondered into town)

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