Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Death Worms--Why did it Have to be Mongolian Death Worms" 2010 4 out of 10

Sean Patrick Flannery (Yound Indy in the Television series and the short lived cop show that took place in Las Vegas called  The Strip   is now  fighting  killer birds in movies like Kaw 2007  and  battling Death Worms in this Sci-Fi  Creature Flick.....Giant Digital Death Worms....

I just recently watched this Sci-Fi channel film ---because I'm still in search of movies that are so bad that they are good.......Unfortunately this didn't make that list .....Young Indy  (I mean whatever the characters name was)  is after Genghis Kahn's  Secret buried treasure  (just like Indy would be)....The treasure happens to be under some big power plant run be some crooked workers......Well the Power Plant awakens the Mythical  Death Worms to come alive and go all Tremors on everyone.   Making the locals sick and eating everyone in sight.......Of course the bad guys end up Worm food.....(Correct that  Mongolian  Death Worm food)....Victoria Pratt is in this one too this time as a doctor....(What is it Victoria  Pratt Week?)
A lot of people die ....The treasure is sacrificed and the Death Worms blow up real good.....But in the destruction of the power plant a shower of gold rains down on Young Indy and he gets his fortune and glory....

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