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Motherf---ing Snakes on a Plane Movie Review 01/20/2007

Warning curse words ahead!!!!

  Snakes on a Plane   2006    7
An absolutely ridiculous  film but fun non the less.   I watched this comedy  because I fond it darn funny ---and then searched the DVD extras and commentary for some sign that the  Writers---Directors and actors were in on the joke.  But they all seemed to think that they had made a Horror thriller and not a comedy.    I was dumbfounded that they actually thought that people would actually be scared by  Digital Snakes on a Plane.

I enjoyed the movie but for all the wrong reasons I guess –because I thought it was so bad its good kind of  movie –the (I guess unintended comedy).   It wanted so badly to be a big disaster film  like Earthquake  or Towering Inferno  --but the I was laughing as they tried to make it to the other side of the Plane to avoid the deadly snakes.   In Poseidon Adventure  they have to make their way all the way to the bottom of the upside ship.  Here they have about 30 feet to travel to safety.   "Snakes Why did it have to be Snakes"   Sorry big Indy fan had to say it.

            Highlights included –great dialogue.   The  famous Samuel Jackson line "I've had it with these motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking plane"   --other great lines included  . The pilot  saying  "This plane will go down faster then a Thai Hooker"

Samuel Jackson  says   "Snakes on Crack"    Even the commentary track has quality quotes  ---including the quite obviously drunk director rambling on and on slurring his words  ..    And Samuel Jackson commenting  --before the Mile High Club topless girl gets attacked   saying the classic commentary   line  "We are going to see Snakes on a Tit coming up"   

            I wonder if the movie had made more money if like Die Hard it would have inspired its own genre.   After Die Hard there was  Die Hard 2 (Die Hard at an airport)
Speed (Die Hard on a Bus)   Under Siege and Speed 2 (Die Hard on a ship) --Under Seige 2  (Die Hard on a Train)  and Sudden Death (Die Hard in a Hockey Arena)   just to name a few.      Now think of the  Snakes on a Plane Rip-offs we could have looked forward to.  

 Coming Soon to a Theater near you:
Rats on a Bus!
Bees in a minivan!
Red Ants in a Honda Civic.
And   Rottweilers in an Elevator!

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