Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rage of the Yeti 2011 2 out of 10

Here I am suckered into watching yet another Yeti movie or in this case  Yeren
I will give them one thing....They did have a lot of Rage....

Whatever it looks like a bad CG Polar Bear....with sharp teeth.   The story is just plain bad....A group of people sent by some rich dude after some long lost thing  (sound familiar)  Been there done that about 40 times before.   Anyway...the movie starts out with the first group of people getting attacked by Yeren ( Yeti's in the title--because who wants to see Rage of the Yeren).   Running away on snowmobiles and getting knocked off by Polar Yeren.    Send in team number 2  (with some badly casted treasure hunters that act like too idiots).    Well luckily acting isn't that important since half the movie all everyone has to do is yell there poorly written dialogue over the snow storm.     "Helloooooo    Bigfoot"  someone yells as they try to lure one of the Yeren into a freezer to capture it for 1 Million dollars ---a great idea after watching several Yeren rip other members of their party to shreds.    The plot seemed like they were making it up as they went along....just stealing scenes from other bad Syfy movies.     Yet again the Yeti's   (Yeren) let me down

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