Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brad's top 10 movies for 1996

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Coming in at number 10

The Frighteners 1996 8 out of 10
Peter Jackson's transition movie from cheap New Zealand horror to Hollywood.  Michael J Fox is a Ghostbuster that uses ghosts to help him make money until he runs into an actual serial killer ghost.

Number 9

A Very Brady Sequel 1996 9 out of 10
More Great Brady comedy and music.....LOVE IT.  They touch on the classic trip to Hawaii in this one....Great stuff.  The scene where they break into song in the aisle of the airplane is awesome.

Number 8

Cable Guy 1996 9 out of 10
Jim Carrey at the top of his game.....Many were disappointed by this Darker turn by Carrey.. I thought it was genius.  The series of phone call messages his character leaves is classic.

Number 7

Twister 1996 9 out of 10
Bill Paxton rocks man..It is all about the special effects in this crazy twister chasing flick....and Bill Paxton.

Number 6

Eraser 1996 9 out of 10

"Relax---you've been Erased" Classic Arnold action

Number 5
The Huncback of Notre Dame 1996 9 out of 10
Typcially great Disney film....Hellfire is probably the most daring Disney song yet

Number 4

Independence Day 1996 9 out of 10
Aliens blowing shit up real good....That is how you have an end of the world movie

Number 3

Mother 1996 9 out of 10
Albert Brooks is a comedic god.  The scene where his mother keeps offering him food from the fridge is brilliant

Number 2
The Rock 1996 9 out of 10
Badass action with Sean Connery and Nic Cage. Ed Harris as the villian that actually has a reason to be a villian is great.

Number 1

The Nutty Professor 1996 10 out of 10
Eddie Murphy shines as his entire family...Excellent performance and really funny movie.  Eddie,Eddie and more Eddie...keep it coming.

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