Thursday, November 17, 2011

Horrible Bosses 2011 8+ out of 10

Horrible Bosses was a fun R Rated comedy.   A modern day 9 to 5 where in this case instead of one asshole boss played by Dabney Coleman in the original we get 3 totally horrible bosses (of course I wouldn't have complained about Jennifer Aniston).   And instead of 3 women wanting to kill their boss we get  the always excellent Jason Bateman  as well as Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis.   

 The bosses are all excellent in this movie.  Kevin Spacey plays the perfect asshole boss (a role he was born for as seen previously in Swimming with Sharks).  Jennifer Aniston was hilarious in a role outside of her norm as the Dentist that sexually harasses her assistant.   And Colin Farrell was great as the ninja sword wielding  cokehead that takes over for his father.    The movie and chemistry between the actors was nearly perfect and the movie had many good scenes like the their meeting with the "Hit Man that does Wet Work"  which was very funny.   Another great scene is when they are doing recon on Kevin Spacey's house and Charlie Day is supposed to be on look out.    It ranks right up there with Hangover 2 for me for 2011 comedies and succeeds where I felt the funny but overrated  Bridesmaids didn't.

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