Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hoodwinked 2005 7 out of 10

With little to no expectations I went into Hoodwinked.   I DVR'd it for the kids and thought why not give it a try.   The animation was basically TV CGI animation quality along the lines of say a Jimmy Netron or Planet Sheen.   Cheap looking when compared to say the intricate details of a Pixar movie.  The plot and movie however were actually entertaining.   I could barely make it through Shrek 3 the other day as I found it boring and dull and the jokes just weren't that funny ---but  Hoodwinked which I had passed up on as a CG animated movie that wasn't on my radar --actually was pretty decent.   The story was like an animated retelling of Little Red Riding Hood as told  by each of the central characters  Rashomon style  (like the classic Japanese film)  mixed together with a homage to Fletch  in regards to the Wolf's story  (played perfectly  by the talented voice actor Patrick Warburton).   It had a Fletch like wit and sense of humor to it as well.   All in all it was a decent surprise for a movie that I really wasn't expecting anything special out of. The action sequences inlcuding an extreme ski race and roller coaster type mine cart ride were fun and the twist on the fairy tale interesting.       I may have to check out the sequel now.  I would rather see Hoodwinked 2 then Shrek 4 or Puss and Boots.

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