Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Brad's Top 6 Movies from 1981

Number 6 

Victory 1981...... 8 out of 10 Pele Pele and more Pele with his weird Dracula type speaking style.... Stallone and Caine...Great stuff

Number 5

Escape from New York 1981 8 + out of 10
This bad ass sci-fi movie features Kurt Russell at his most kick ass.....As Snake Plissken--the Eye patch wearing tough motherf---er that must rescue the President from New York which is a literal prison Island.....This was John Carpenter when at the height of his directing greatness...Churning out cult hit after hit..And badass soundtracks to boot

Number 4

Chariots of Fire  9 out of 10
A great journey into the  1924 Olympics the British running team.

Number 3

Time Bandits 9 out of 10 Great comedy from half the Pythons.....David Warner as Evil ....(So good as a villian) John Cleese rocks.......and midgets midgets midgets........Love the humor in this flick

Number 2

For Your Eyes Only 1981-- 9 out of 10----James Bond Need I say more......Roger Moore

and Number 1

Best movie of all-time 10+ out of 10
Harrison Ford
1981= Perfection for Brad

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