Saturday, November 12, 2011

TV Show Theme Song of the Week #1 TJ Hooker

A new Weekly feature   The TV Show  Theme Song of the week.  The other night my wife randomly got caught up looking at funny new ring tones which included a bunch of old TV show themes some of which just weren't the real songs from the show..  That lead of course to at least an hour of watching TV show themes on you tube of shows with good theme songs or that we remember watching.  So to kick it off I give you  TJ Hooker.  Not a favorite show of mine by any means.   I only ever caught this show because the beautiful Heather Locklear was on it.     While watching the Opening theme I could help laughing at how many times William Shatner jumps on or rides on top of cars, boats, buses and planes...

Here is Season 2 opener where he hangs onto the windshield of a car

Here is Season 3 where we find Heather in a bikini a lot of things flipping or blowing up and Shatner leaping on anything that moves....(And I'm not talking about Green Slave women Captain Kirk Style)

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