Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wild Wild Planet 1967 4 out of 10 : Great Poster: Bad Movie

Totally cheesy Sci-Fi movie out of Italy.    It had hopes of being one of the special So-Bad that they are Good movies ...but unfortunately never quite turns the corner .   Sure it has a mad scientist that is stealing humans by shrinking them with the help of women and bald guys with 4 arms wearing sunglasses.   Sure it has a ton of scenes with tiny models of the city. Sure it has bad dialogue and cheesy fights.   Sure it has a capture scene followed by the mad scientist giving him a tour of his liar straight out of a James Bond movie.  The villains henchmen look like they were getting dressed to go to a Renaissance Faire and forgot to put on their suits of armour.

A sample quote...
"Soon she will be ready for the great moment when she and I will become one person; when my flesh will absorb hers. We will be one, one dual person. That will be the perfect combination of my work - the total fusion, the great moment. "     

 Here is the trailer

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