Monday, November 7, 2011

Brad's Top 5 Favorite Movie Characters of All-Time

Number 5
James Bond  All of them  (except for Timothy Dalton)
He gets the girl and kicks a lot of ass with style.

Number 4
He is a total smart ass and solves mysteries to boot.... He is like a witty Scooby Doo gang all wrapped up into one person.

Number 3
Han Solo  
I really don't care if he shot first or not ....He is pretty darn Kick Ass

Number 2
Captain Jack Sparrow
Through 4 Movies I've gladly followed Captain Jack Sparrow to the ends of the earth and back ....literally.

Number 1
Indiana Jones
My favorite movie of all time is Raiders of the Lost Ark and   Temple of Doom and Last Crusade are both in my top 25 All Time.
I even named the dog Indiana Jones.

A video tribute to Indy from You tube

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