Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse 2011 7 out of 10

It is not a great Zombie Flick by any means....but as far as films by the production company  The Asylum it was a really good effort.   The story was well paced  as a group of survivors during the Zombie Apocalypse make their way towards the west coast where they believe salvation is waiting on a ferry to Catalina Island of the coast of Long Beach.    After just recently watching all of Season 1 of The Walking Dead and several other Zombie movies I really wasn't expecting much from this film the second I saw The Asylum logo at the beginning yet this movie was actually pretty decent.  It delivered what I want in a Zombie movie which is a series of close calls and Zombie escapes.  There were a few good Zombie attacks with some cheesy but effective cheap CGI blood splatter.  The movie kept moving forward with a defined end goal in mind.....and then  (SPOILER ALERT)  There was a random surprise  Zombie Tiger attack at the very end.....Weird twist but fun....These are the people known for giant bad CGI animals after all....Anyway...if you want a fun cheesy  Zombie film that moves along a good pace with Ving Rhames as the lead....then check this out.

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