Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Highlander: The Source 2007 2 out of 10

I've seen some terrible movies before and I've now seen Highlander : The Source which can be added to that list.   The first appearance of the main villain  (The Guardian)  has him dressed like he is going to some bad S&M club---or like he was supposed to be in a Hellraiser movie and got lost on the lot.   He snarls at the hero in a voice that sounds like Fat Bastard from Austen Powers.   Then there is some boy standing in an empty stadium yelling  "Find the Source"  or the Sauce it is hard to tell.  The movie is just a complete mess.   The story about the search for some mystical often broken up by bad Heavy Metal music  montages.  Even the sword hits are lame in this Highlander movie with bad special effects to make it seem more exciting.

The main character tells his ex-girlfriend   "Anna this doesn't make sense"  ---It sums up the movie as a whole.  

Watch the trailer and skip the movie

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