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Jaws screening on the beach (Crackheads included) Aug 2009

When looking at fun things to do early in the summer to fill out my crazy non-stop schedule of FUN! I came across the movies at the Beach Long Beach series…..FUN! I thought it would be great to head down and catch a movie on the beach one night after work….Grab a beach chair…. Pack a little picnic….Some Sandwiches and chips…..some drinks…..your Crack Pipe??? What could be more fun?

The schedule of movies showing was decent….But I quickly forgot all about it with other exciting things on the list of stuff to do this summer…..It popped back into my head about mid-way through the series and I saw that Speilberg’s classic JAWS was playing…. (I had to see JAWS on the beach!!! ) The first time it played down at Granada we already had other plans----but luckily it was playing again on August 19th at the Marina Green near Shoreline Village. So I marked it down on my Calender of FUN.

The night arrived…Kim grabbed us some fun treats for a beach picnic….We drove down there…Searched around for it, because it wasn’t where it was supposed to be due to some Police/function/Party in the area……But then we found it……(on the Beach) “Cool” I thought. We unloaded our beach chairs in a spot next to walkway so Kim could see the screen. Nibbled on our snacks and waited for the movie to begin…..I took a few pictures of people that were decked out in Shark Hats!! (Cool---blog worthy),
Jaws screening on the beach in Long Beach Aug 19th 2009

Jaws screening on the beach in Long Beach Aug 19th 2009

Snapped a photo of the severed limbs that someone brought
Jaws screening on the beach in Long Beach Aug 19th 2009

(These people are really into it….If only I still had my Shark Attack Halloween outfit that I rocked last year at my Beach Party….Damn it would have been a hit).. 
Attacked by a Land Shark ---The Party goes on----

As the movie drew near and people fought over plots of sand ……The Crackheads showed up on skateboards and bikes stumbling through the sand. Oh what great luck –they are going to sit behind us……(I could smell a blog already)… The beach junkies straight out of Fletch’s undercover beach gig were waiting for there big group blanket and were verbally fighting people over their plot of sand…..”That’s my Sand” ---“we got all this” they shouted to people trying to sit there… He wouldn't know that since they weren’t actually sitting on even standing on the valuable beach front real estate… “We got all up in here” they proclaimed from the walkway “We just waiting for our blanket” (I didn’t know they had given custody of Michael Jackson’s child Blanket to the Long Beach Crackheads)

I learned something tonight…..You see Danny Dunn and his “It’s free” point of view is wide spread… It was fine at Comic con with Danny sticking his hand in the free hole (That just sounds bad) Or grabbing the free Cotton Candy—popcorn and Shave Ice (Because they were free)…. But a free Movie on the beach with Free Popcorn this close to Downtown Long Beach (NOT SO MUCH)….. The mayhem began with the ill advised giving out of free T-shirts (not even desirably ones----I mean it wasn’t like they were Jaws T-shirts –just some REELZ channel gear) Once the word FREE was said the Crackheads ran towards the front like crazed pigeons looking for French fries bobbing in and out diving to the sand for free T-shirts and gear… The announcer had to tell them to calm down… They returned with junky free T-Shirts and Towels like they were medals from the Olympics..

Up next the ill advised free Raffle items….This is when I knew I had a blog….As the Crackheads were yelling out things like “Shake the box up real good” when their tickets were not called out. The crackhead quote of the day happened when the grand prize a 32 inch Plasma TV was awarded….”I’ll help you take it to your car –and we can take it to MY HOUSE” Good stuff….. “All I want is some free popcorn” another wonderful crackhead yelled which sent them all a twitter and running over to get said item. Free glowsticks…. “damn now they got blue” one crazy tweaker yelled. Street theater indeed.

The movie started and people started crowding into what was supposed to be the walkway obscuring Kim’s view….We still enjoyed our dinner –watching Jaws on the beach..with Snuggies for warmth ( I guess they are good for more than just jokes) The Police event was competing with the movie as a pretty good Beatles Cover band was playing….. (I double plan my events ---enjoy and concert at the beach and movie at the same time ---Double the FUN) Kim listened to the concert ….I watched the movie that is an absolute Classic…..The Crackheads were quite once they settled in other than a few “Let me get some of that Blunt” and “I’ll sit down if you ask nicely—but if your going to be rude..I ain’t going sit now bitch” comments here and there…..Definitely and entertaining evening…..It got a little cold so we left a little early finishing up the rest of the movie on DVD at home..

If we go to the FREE Movies on the beach next year…..Here are a few rules.
1. Only go to the Granada showings ---(I don’t know if the Downtown Long Beach Crackheads walk,ride or skate that far)
2. Make sure to get there early in order to get a better spot

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