Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lone Pine Film Museum (November 2007)

Brad's  Folks  posing outside
The museum celebrates the rich film history of the Lone Pine area.  Over 400 movies have been filmed in the Lone Pine area --Mainly Westerns.    The museum which opened sometime in the past couple years was well put together.  With a 15 minute film on the history of the region and many classic flim posters and memorabilla.    Here is a look at some of the museum.
Some of  Gene Autry's  gear
A car from a Bogart movie
John Wayne gear
Well I'll let Brad  say goodbye.
P.S   hit  the Indian Casino in Bishop on the way out of town and  hit Spin on the $5  Wheel of Fortune  machine  ...   $150 --hey anytime you come home from a vacation with more money than you left with---That is a good t

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