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Star Trek The Tour :a review in photos (Jan 2008)

Headed on down to the old Queen Mary area  --for  The Star Trek Tour.
A 2 year traveling Star Trek Exhibit that is touring the country.   I'm not personally a big Star Trek fan  (I'm a Star Wars geek not a Trekie)   In fact of all the Star Trek movies which there are 10  I've only really liked  maybe 3  of them. And series wise I've only seen all of the original Series episodes.   My mom on the other hand  was a big fan of the original series back in the day and also watched the Next Generation and some of the other series.     But being a Sci-Fi fan in general I thought it would be fun to see the exhibit. 
At $35 it was a little pricey  in my opinion  (but everything at the Old Queen Mary is too expensive as far as I'm concerned) .  Parking $15  (You have got to be kidding me this isn't .Disneyland folks)   So unless you are a Star Trek fan  Price  vs. Value (Eh  Not so much)
The Great Tiki Welcomes you to the exhibit.
 "To infinity and beyond"   Oh sorry wrong movie.

"It's only a model"

The exhibit itself
The exhibit itself was pretty nice as far as traveling exhibits go.   With photo op sets –a lot of costumes for the various series and films  The displays of the props and costumes I liked better than the Vegas Exhibit.  Although the Vegas Experience as a permanent exhibit is better  (which is too be expected)  Still an enjoyable experience.

Me doing my best Captain Kirk impression  (with Hawaiian shirt of course)  On a mock up set of the original show
About to travel through time
Star Trek Alien Species  Andorian
Uhara's outfit 

You  wear this Red shirt and go down to the planet you will die
Set your Phasers to stun

Beam me up Scotty!

We Can't do it any faster Captain

Mom on the bridge of Next Generation

Data's  severed head

The Borg

Seven of Nine  (Yeah Baby!)

Next Generation outfit

Futurism   The  Communicator   1960's look familiar">

More stuff

Time Line Wall

Borg head


Picard's   office
The Ride
They had a little simulator  ride  --which well it was cheesy.   What do you expect when you step into a simulator that doesn't even have seat belts.   The simulator ride looked like a cheesy Star Trek video game.    You would think that  20 years after Star Tours the simulator rides would get better.   But as far as I'm concerned Star Tours is still the best  simulator to date (Well Mission Space at Epcot  is pretty good if you can keep from nearly throwing up)
There was another small simulator that went upside down –but being a 2 seat attraction the line was over an hour –so after the less then stellar  other simulator  I passed on that one.
The Merchandise
The Merchandise was severely lacking.  Sure that had T-shirts and a vibrating Tribble but with all the Star Trek stuff out there on the market –they could have had a lot more stuff.  A missed opportunity.   (And I really wanted a Gorn mask –dammit)
Gorn where art thou 

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