Friday, May 20, 2011

Ren Faire Part 3 A Trip with Kim leads to more fun

Back to the Ren Faire I go....I had so much fun on my first ever trip to the Ren Faire ---that I decided to drag Kim and her kids along

So here is part 3    Follow me for Adventure!   Literally Follow me

The Brad Pose with Jenna and Jacob

Camera shy  NOT SO MUCH     Me Jenna and Maddie

"I'm crushing your head"

We left the little ones with the babysitters for awhile

Someone forgot to pick up their kid

A couple of Angels

A Tall Scottman

A Treasure Hunt

"Witch Balls Someone yelled"

Jacob takes on the Dart throw

1st throw  Bullseye

Drunken maze walking is an art

"Fighting Fighting who is the winner"

Fire all canons



People Watching


A magic act  ---Jacob joins in

Ren Folks have to eat too

Spot the Half Naked Goat Man

"None Shall Pass'

Jacob gets to have all the fun


"You stay here and make sure he doesn't leave"


"On second thought lets not go to Camelot it tis a silly place"

Too cute

"Gypsy give me your tears --if you do not give them to me I will take them from you"

Make Way

This ends part 4   Too many pictures I guess......
'll be back shortly with part 4

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