Monday, May 9, 2011

This is Not the Thor your looking for - A movie Review

What a piece of work......Almighty Thor 2011 ----shot is 2 weeks and it looks like it. This rush it onto TV as quickly as possible in time for the big Screen Marvel Thor rip-off is just terrible.......Richard Grieco (of 21 Jump Street fame) spends the movie walking around streets in the ghetto is some silly is supposed to be the Norse god Loki......Boy how weird must it be to be in this piece of straight to TV mess the same night that Johnny Depp hanging out at Disneyland to Premiere Pirates on Stranger Tides for which he made $30 Million? I read the Norse myths and I don't remember Thor walking around LA with a Mexican tour guide a la the He-Man movie.....The action is cheesy ---The dialogue and acting are even worse....And what is up with the weird Devil dog CGI creatures???? Like the really bad plot ----I'm clueless....

I'm a sucker for bad Sci-Fi --always in search for the SO-Bad that they are Good gems....This wasn't one of them.....

Almighty Thor 2011 1 out of 10

Almighty Thor ---Not so Much

Trailer below

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