Monday, May 9, 2011

1st Ever Ren Faire Experience 2009 Part 1 of 3 Hanging with the Boys

1st Ever Ren Faire Experience 2009 Part 1 of 3 Hanging with the Boys
It was the one thing in my year of fun filled adventures last year that I missed out on…
The Ren Faire.. Many of the newer friends all went last year or have been before and were telling me that I should go…..So when it rolled around this year---I put it on my busy schedule of fun things to do…..and of course I came up with some "Great Ideas" that would be fun to do that I of course (Didn’t)
My favorite "Great Idea" was that it would be fun to go to the Ren Faire dressed up as Bill and Ted from (Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure) and interview Ren Faire folk as those characters….(But since I don’t have the imaginary tv show I wish I had) This idea was scrapped….. "Dude it would have been Excellent"
I could have worn my Pirate shirt leftover from Phil the Time traveling Pirate or even recreated that outfit Afro wig and all…..But I decided…NOT SO MUCH….
So I hit the Faire as myself… and a couple of the Dunn Clan.
The second we arrived I realized a lot of people dressed up for this…..A lot of people…
Not even inside yet at a group was already wandering around as some cult of the dead or something.

And there was this OLD CLOD

Ok so we did bring Snuggies (which were wore for about 3 minutes in total for a few quick photo ops) The Snuggie Cult and what I found out later was supposed the group of Faire whores……How was I supposed to know….I just saw a photo op

Pirates had a presence

The Serving Wenches ---were luring men in with naughty suggestive talk….They won Eric over right away.

Washing wenches

Zolt got lured into carrying a giant backpack….(Holy Grail Servant Style)

The love people watching and there were definitely a lot of interesting people at Ren Faire

"Arggh I put a steering wheel on my groin so I could drive me nuts"

Another Snuggie Photo Op with some witches

Gangs, Clans, Troupes or groups wander around the Faire strutting their stuff

There was singing 

Fresh Fruit ---Ripe Melons

A lady on a horse

There was Archery

Dragon Feather Tickling

Eric couldn’t resist the opportunity to Pelt the Privateer booth 

Eric threw tomatoes  the Privateer  ---He threw out insults worthy of a French man in a castle..

Giants wandered the streets

The Snuggie Cult decided that it was Hammertime

Eric smashed it up real good –his Snuggie even came flying off


Back to some People Watching ---a family all dressed up

A Parade Broke Out

Watch out here comes some cleavage.

That ends part 1 Look for Parts 2 and 3 Next Week ---when I return from Mammoth....Which will include Queen Spotting ----Magic --Knife throwing---Belly dancing and more
Until Then Snuggie out 

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