Thursday, May 19, 2011

Part 2 Ren Faire 2009 Interactive Name that movie quote contest…

The Great Tiki Here Reporting Live from Ren Faire 2009  in So Cal.

For part 2  I thought I'd try something a little different...So within this blog there are about 20 Movie quotes loosely tied to the pictures......So if you want to play along and name the movie from the movie quotes in a comment...I'll give the answers next week....  (Hint) The same movie has been used more than once
1. "Bring out your dead"

2.  "I'm not dead"  

3. Now your getting Nasty"

4. "Crickey I"ve been robbing for years but I've never seen anything like this. Well What can I say?  Thank you. Thank you all very much indeed"

5. "We're very lucky in the band  in that we have two visionaries. David and Nigel --they're like poets"

6. "Lads---Here's to the stinking rich"

7. "And there was much rejoicing"

8. "Drink up me hearties yo ho"

9. "Do you have a balloon?"

10.  "Get in my belly"

Dancing intermission

11. "She turned me into a newt.........I got better"

"Marching up and down the square not good enough for you ehh?"

13.  When you chase a dream , especially one with plastic chests, you sometimes do not see what is right in front of you"

14.  "Very Niccce"

15.  I almost Soiled my armour I was so scared"

Another Dance Intermission

16. "Strong as 10 Regular men take it from me"

17. "She Must be a King"   "How can you tell?"   "She ain't got shit all over her"

18. "There were no utensils in Medevil Times so there are no utensils at Medevil Time.....No would you like a refill of Pepsi?"

19. "And it came from a Green man"

20.  "Let us ride to Camelot"

OK there endith the 20 Quotes.....Now for more pictures
Naughty Boys

Girls with pots on their heads  .....Potheads you could call them

The Death of Puppets

A Canon Battle between Zolt and Eric

Pelting the Fool

The Village people circa 1490

That is all for now...See you next week for Part 3   with Kim and her clan

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