Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pirates :Curse of the Black Pearl Backyard Screening in 1-D May 20th 2011

A Pirates home screening

With the New Pirates hitting the theaters I thought it would be a good time to try our first movie night in the new backyard gazebo.     What better than a Pirates night....So we set everything up and invited over a couple of friends for  Pirates of the Caribbean : Curse of the Black Pearl.
I decorated the house with a little  Jack Sparrow tribute.

We Released the Kracken....Kracken Rum that is....

Darb my 40th Birthday Clone was all dressed up

"More  Rum"

Photo Ops with Darb the Pirate

Pirate fun

It was our first time......The audio sounded amazing .....The Picture quality not so much....We just couldn't get it bright enough...Which lead to funny 1-D  jokes......There were a lot of laughs at the impromptu kids dancing with light swords in front of projector and the military jet flybys in the middle of the movie......But for a first try it was fun....

Up next I plan on actually catching Pirates 4 in the theaters this week....It should be fun

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