Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Walking Dead Returns: And is as good and Deadly as Ever

The Walking Dead Returns....and it is as good as ever.
Honestly at this point there is really no reason to go and ever see a Zombie movie in the movie theaters anymore.  No movie can capture the level of emotion and tension and back story and character development that this great TV show has now achieved.   It took me awhile, but this show continues to grow in its greatness and its audience appeal the longer it is on the air.    Why see World War Z starring Brad Pitt that looks like a digital mess when you can tune into this amazing world of zombies on TV.   The interactions between the different groups of survivors are just as interesting if not more so than the zombies themselves.   It is like great sci-fi show  where the sci-fi itself is just he backdrop for some really deep and amazing human stories that are told like on Battlestar Gallactica or the original Star Trek.

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